Wednesday 28 March 2012

Wimbledon Squares ...

... is finished, and here are some photos to prove it.

It is actually too big to show the whole thing, but you can get the idea, despite my rubbish photography.

Here it is draped over the rotary line in the sunshine.  This was a big quilt for the first outing of my new robot, and I am delighted with how well it works.

The backing is a bright yellow, with teeny-tiny white flowers on it.
This is the quilt with the bamboo wadding.  Although it quilts up nicely, this wadding is very heavy, and quite stiff.  It doesn't drape very well, and therefore I would not use it again.

This is a close up to show the quilting, which is an allover feather pattern.

Finally, here it is, on the bed.   I couldn't get far enough away (unless I climbed out of the window) to get the whole quilt in unfortunately, but I do love how it looks on the bed.

Friday 23 March 2012

Now this ...

... is what I call cutting it fine!
Wimbledon Squares is all quilted, and the binding has been sewn on.  This is what's left of the quilting thread, and the binding fabric.

Monday 19 March 2012

She didn't inherit ...

... the baking gene from me!

Yesterday was Mothering Sunday in the UK.  My daughter arrived with a lovely big box of chocs, and this cake:
It is gorgeous, thank you Mrs Nomad.

My son sent some roses and chocolates and a card which really made me laugh.  On the front it said:
          Dear Mum
          Sorry I can't be with you on Mothering Sunday, 
          but I've got no washing that needs doing and I'm OK for cash.

I think he was joking!

Friday 16 March 2012

What a lot of firsts ....

The first time I've used my new robot, the MQR. I love it.  It's quicker, quieter and more accurate then the PCQuilter was.

The first time I've had the frame extended to 10 foot.  (I hope Bertha doesn't get travel sick.  It's a long way for her to travel on each pass!)
The first time I've used bamboo wadding. It gives a great result I think. 

Tuesday 13 March 2012

OMG ...

 ... this morning I was going to tell you that it is now time to vote for your favourite nominees in the various categories of SewCalGal's Golden Quilter Awards.  There are various categories, including Best Designer, Best Teacher, etc. and you can vote for one person in each category.  You can read all the nominees, etc, here, and just by voting in one or more categories, you might win one of the fabulous prizes that are on offer.

Well, that's what I was going to write about, until I saw that I had an email from SewCalGal in my inbox with the title
"Congratulations - you are a nominee for the 2012 Golden Quilter Awards, Best Author"
Oh boy, to say I was gobsmacked would be a major understatement. This was a complete surprise, and I have no idea who nominated me, but thank you so much.  I am in such illustrious company as Carrie Nelson, Eleanor Burns, Jinny Beyer, etc.  I can hardly believe it and I am floating around on cloud nine now. Now I know just how the actors feel when they are nominated for a film Oscar.

Saturday 10 March 2012

Christmas QAL - post 4

I'm sorry everyone that I'm not showing you what I've been doing today.  The reason is that it's a present for someone who reads my blog.

I wonder what it is, and who it's for?  Well, that's a silly thing to write isn't it, cos I know what it is and who it's for.

Anyway, Im signing off for now, but thanks to our wonderful hostess for making us all so welcome, and thanks to all of you for being at the party too.

Christmas QAL - post 3

I am not going to show anyone what I'm up to at the moment, but I have realised that I have never shown a picture of one of my Twisted ~Christmas Wreath toppers that I made last year during a QAL day.  I know I showed you the top, but here it is now all finished.
I love this, and can definitely see me making some more for presents for other people.

Christmas QAL - post 2

Joanna asked about our favourite music, which set me thinking.  I am a child of the 60's so I love a lot of the Beatles songs, especially "Michelle" and "Hey Jude".  I also love "Imagine" by John Lennon.  They're not very Christmassy though are they?  Christmas favourites?  Well, there's Mistletoe and Wine, Happy Christmas Everyone, Last Christmas, Mary's Boy Child ... then I found this one!

 as you probably realise by now, I have absolutely no musical taste at all.

It's party time ...

Yes, it's the 2nd Saturday of the month, and that means it's Christmas Quiltalong time.  This month our hostess is Joanna (and, of course, Moxie) and she is welcoming us all here.

Now I'm off to do some quilting.  See you all soon.

Wednesday 7 March 2012

Saturday 3 March 2012

Lone Star day - post 5

I will soon be at the point where I need to add the background pieces, so, if I go with inset pieces, is there any advice anyone can give me?  Please?

By the way, don't forget that all the people who have signed in to the Linky-Thingy, have written previous posts about their Lone Star adventure.  You can find them by going to one of the blogs and then doing a search on Lone Star.  They have all written some great posts with a lot of helpful hints and tips.

Now I'm going to say goodbye for the night.  I'll be back tomorrow though.  Thanks to everyone who has joined me today.

Lone Star day - post 4

Uh-oh.  I think I have a problem.

You know all the background pieces, which may or may not be inset (jury's still out on that one)?   Well, I am wondering if that is just too much blank space, and have been thinking that some applique might look good in those areas.




I hate doing applique so where on earth has this idea popped up from?

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Lone Star day–post 3

Don’t forget you can Link with me here.

I've made another section, hung the washing out, brought the washing in cos it started raining, popped out to buy the mushrooms I forgot this morning, and now, here I am again.
I thought it was a good time for me to write down what I have learnt so far:
20120303_3Starch, starch, starch.  (I've also learnt that I loathe the smell of it!)

20120303_4Pin, pin, pin. I thought I'd try some of the double pronged pins, which I believed were just meant for this sort of thing, but quite honestly I found they were more trouble than they were worth.  I was probably using them incorrectly, but when I put them in, the fabrics seemed to shift a bit, so I was not getting the accuracy.

20120303_2The book I am sort of using, says to draw seam lines on all my strips to make for accurate matching.  It then says to pin, then to machine tack (baste to those of you in the US), check the accuracy, then either start again or machine the pieces.  I, in my infinite wisdom, decided that was total overkill, and that I could judge the seam allowance by eye, pin then sew.  After several unsatisfactory attempts, I rethought my strategy. 

20120303_1I now draw the seam allowance, pin through where that line crosses my stitching, check that the pin goes through the same cross on the underneath part, and sew, carefully and slowly.  Having these intersections marked has made the whole thing very much easier.

20120303_5Be careful when pressing, and remember I am pressing, not ironing, edges on the bias.  At first I pressed my seams to one side, but then I tried pressing them open as an experiment.  Although it's a fiddle, and has led to a few burnt fingers, I have found that it helps everything to lie flat and it also makes the points look lovely and pointy!  I did try using my little applique mini-iron to open the seams, but decided it was easier with my real iron.

Lone Star day - post 2

 I have been working on the quilt a bit since the last Lone Star day, as you can see.  They're not joined together, but I just wanted to see what they looked like all laid out together.  I have done another diamond section since I took the photo, so I just have 3 left to do.  Then will come the dreaded Y-seams.

Actually, in an effort to avoid having to do these, I had been thinking that it should be possible to add triangles of the background fabric to the diamond sections, and then all I'd have to sew would be straight seams.  I was really pleased with myself, and thought I was so clever, until I told my friend Quilthaze, who then told me that the version she's doing adds the background that way. Oh well, at least that meant that my big head could go back to its normal size!

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Lone Star Day - post 1

Hurrah, its Lone Star day again today, and the meeting is here.  I've got the coffee on and cake out ready for anyone who wants to come and join in.

I've put the usual Linky on this post, so please fill it in if you're making your own Lone Star quilt, then we can all visit each other and offer support, help, etc to each other.

Friday 2 March 2012

Tomorrow ...

... is Lone Star Quiltalong day.

This month the support group will be meeting here, and I hope that you will be able to join me as I attempt to make my Lone Star quilt.  I have been making the diamonds this month, and have learnt a few things along the way which I'll try and share with you.

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