Monday 23 May 2016

A comedy of errors ...

.... that's what Saturday was for me. It was the sort of day when, if it could go wrong, it would go wrong.

I was looking forward to going to a meeting of Yorkshire Modern Quilt Group. I had packed my stuff up the day before, and even made my lunch so all I would have to do in the morning was get up, shower and go by 9.30. Well, that was the theory. Unfortunately, the practice was a bit different. It started when I went to put some washing in the machine, and discovered that Mr Fixit had set off to the supermarket, but left his glasses and shopping list behind. I was fairly certain he would not remember everything on the list, so I grabbed it and ran (OK, I walked fairly quickly) towards the shop, thinking that I would meet him coming back for it. I got all the way there without seeing him and then walked all round the shop looking for him, with no luck. I therefore went home again, thinking I must have missed him. He finally turned up, and guess what? He'd remembered everything on the list. So I loaded up the car and was just about to get in when our gardener appeared and wanted a chat before he started work. So, I was late leaving.

I got to the meeting and unpacked my "stuff". We were having a demonstration of how to make a small, portable design board, and I don't know where my brain was when I was getting ready as I needed two binding strips, but only took one, so I had to use two different pieces, which isn't really me. Anyway, I made it and it's going to be very useful. After that I was going to do some machine appliqué but guess what? I had forgotten my foot pedal. I do have a button on my machine to start and stop, but that didn't give me enough control on pointy bits so I had to rethink that one. Luckily I had taken a mug rug with me that just needed the binding, so I did that.

On the positive side, I now have a mini design board, another finished mug rug, and I was lucky enough to win 5 FQs in the raffle. In the picture, you can see the FQ's and the mug rug sitting on top of my design board. So, all's well that end well as they say.

Friday 20 May 2016

Look ....

.... I collect antique cranberry glass, and look what my lovely son-in-law has just given me. Thank you so much Mr Nomad.

Saturday 7 May 2016

I'm back ....

... after a great holiday.

We spent 11 days away, 9 of which were on a steam train puffing round the UK. We were with our friends L & C and Scrappy and Mr Scrappy.

We all ate wonderful food (I'm back on the diet this weekend), saw wonderful scenery and stayed in some great hotels. My favourite hotel has to be the one in the Lake District, which is right in front of Lake Windermere, and where we were lucky enough to have a suite. I wish we could have spent more than one night there. The weather was interesting and in the space of one week we had everything from snow to a positive heatwave.

One evening we were having a discussion in the bar about how something works, and as a result, we then spent some time watching this mucky video. (Ha ha, I knew you wouldn't be able to resist having a look!) On the one free day we had, Scrappy and I visited a quilt shop (surprise, surprise) but neither of us found anything we really had to bring home with us.

I should have taken photos of the steam engines, the food and the scenery, but, in my usual fashion, I forgot, sorry, but because a post should always have a picture, I am including this one.
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