Sunday 30 September 2012

Shall we say "messy"?

... When I worked, I had to have a tidy, almost empty desk to work on, so wouldn't you think it'd be the same when I sew?  Wonder what happened?

Tuesday 18 September 2012

Harvest time ....

.... today was the day for our apple harvest.  Just look at how many apples we had:

I put the coffee mug next to it so you can get an idea of the size.  We did have 2 apples earlier in the summer, but the birds had the other one.

Friday 14 September 2012

I won ....

... do you remember this?
It was my entry into the EQ7 design category for the Pets on Quilts show a few weeks ago.  Well, thanks to everyone who voted for it, I WON.  Woohoo.  My prize was very kindly sent to me by Michelle and her rabbits, Hannah and Harrington from The Raspberry Rabbits.  Well, the prize arrived yesterday, and here it is.
Look at all this loveliness, there is a lovely pattern to make 2 small woolly hangings and a stitchery one too.  Also Michelle has included a gorgeous little quilt hanger and all the wool and thread I will need, plus some sweets.  I've never worked with wool before, and I am really excited to start.  Thank you so much Michelle for your generosity, and thank you to Snoodles and Padsworth from Lily Pad Quilting for organising the fun quilt show.

Saturday 8 September 2012

Christmas QAL - post 4

I couldn't resist it earlier.  I laid some of my blocks out to see what they would look like.  I'm happy.
I have actually finished all the blocks now.  Next step will be to trim them all to the same size, which I will do tomorrow.

Christmas QAL–post 3

20120908_5I made some blocks earlier this week, and Mr Fixit stopped dead when he was passing and saw this block laid out. 

I sat, smugly waiting for the compliment that I just knew he was about to utter.  What did he say?  "Have you done it wrong?  It's all wonky, and doesn't match up at the edges."  I had to explain that the pattern actually says these blocks won't line up, and that you have to trim them all when you've finished.  I don't think he was convinced.

20120908_3This is the pattern I am using.  Whatever was I thinking?  It calls for 10 red, 10 green and 10 beigey-creamy FQ’s.  That’s 30 different fabrics.  In one quilt.  I must have been mad.

It was made a bit easier when I saw a FQ bundle which I loved.  It was very expensive way to but the fabric though, by the time I’d added on postage and taxes and duties, so I decided to google and see if I could find it cheaper.  I did.  I found it at CrazyQuiltGirl Fabric Shop.  I was absolutely amazed at their prices, and the customer service.  I asked if they would undo the bundle and lay the FQs as flat as they could so it would all fit in one envelope that would go through my letterbox.  That way, I sometimes don’t get charged the duties that almost double the cost.  They did that for me, and what’s more, I had the fabrics in my hands 4 days later.  Usually post seems to take 10 days from the US to me, so I don’t know what they bribed the postal service with, but it worked. 

Christmas QAL - post 2

Uh-oh!!!  Serves me right for being so smug and organised earlier.  I decided I did not like 3 of the fabrics I was using, so a little (?) un-sewing has been going on, now to resew the blocks with substitute fabrics.

By the way, I forgot to tell you that the party is over at Hazel's, here.  If you go and visit her, you will find the Linky where you can sign in if your joining us, or just visit everyone who has signed up, to see what is going on.

Christmas QAL - post 1

Do you like my fancy dress costume?  I was going to come as Father Christmas, but then Hazel pointed out that everyone would want to sit on my knee and tell me what they want for Christmas, and that might stop me from boogie-ing along to the music so I dug out my snowman outfit instead.  Do you like it?

Anyway, dinner's defrosting, pudding is planned, housework's done and washing's on the line and now I'm ready to sew.

Friday 7 September 2012

There's a party ....

.... at Hazel's place tomorrow,
so why not dig out your Christmas projects, and come and join us.  This was going to be held over at Maureen's, but following some serious health issues, she really should not be rushing around trying to control a bunch of unruly quilting party-goers, so Hazel said she'd be happy to have us all.  She also said there will probably be some baking going on, and maybe a quiz, and also some music and she thought it would be fun to make it a fancy dress party.  I already know what I'm going to be working on, and I know what I'm going to wear.  
See you tomorrow.

Tuesday 4 September 2012

Happiness ...

is finished, although it did get renamed as "That" quilt by my friend J at one point.  You know, "That" as in "how are you getting on with "that" quilt now?  I did have some problems with it once I got to the quilting stage.

Firstly, why did no-one tell me not to cut the scallops until after I'd finished quilting?  That is why the borders have been done with a sort of motif in each scallop, but I can tell you, it is not easy to attach the quilt to the backing and wadding in order to quilt it.

The other thing that happened is that I quilted the whole thing using just straight lines about 1 or 2 inches apart (can't remember which) got to literally the last line before the border and realised I didn't like it.  So I took it off the frame and unquilted the whole dang thing and then put it back and went for a sort of curly E2E in the middle.

While I'm wittering on about this quilt, I want to also tell you about the fabulous service I received from Tracey at Quilt Me Happy when I was trying to get some backing for the quilt.  I didn't know exactly what I wanted, so I emailed her a photo of the top and asked her if she had anything suitable, preferably that would work well with the border.  So Tracey ups and takes photos of a load of fabrics for me to choose from, then later she took photos of some different fabrics.  So I made a decision and place an order that evening.  Overnight, I changed my mind and I decided to go with a plain Kona in Snow.  Tracey didn't bat an eyelid when I told her, and my fabric arrived the following day all beautifully wrapped in pink tissue paper and tied with ribbon, just as if it was a gift.   I'd hate to have me as a customer, but do want to say thanks to Tracey, she really provides a service way above what is usual.

Saturday 1 September 2012

Lone Star day, post 2

Well, there's bad news and there's good news.

The bad news is that I won't have enough of the red fabric if I do the pieced border I want.  The good news is that I have found that one of my favourite UK shops seems to have some in stock still, so I have just placed an order. The shop are now closed for the weekend and I am reluctant to start cutting into what I have, just in case there is a problem and the shop can't supply it, so I will not be able to start the pieced blocks today.  I'll leave you with a picture of what I am planning, and hope to have made some real progress before the next Lone Star day.
I've just noticed that if I look at the picture slightly skew-wiff, I can see white "z"s instead of red stars!  Perhaps that's a sign that I need a snooze!

Lone Star Day, post 1

Oops, I'm late - again.  Today is Lone Star day, and it's lunch time for me and then, I'll get on with my Lone Star quilt.

If you're joining Jayne and me, please sign in on the Linky, so we can all come and visit each other.
I think I'm prevaricating again, cos I have a horrible feeling that I may not have enough red fabric.  If I haven't, then it's back to the drawing board (aka the computer) for yet another re-think.  What I will have to do is get everything out, find a tape measure, engage brain and do some calculations - wish me luck.  I'll be back later to let you all know the result.
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