Thursday 29 April 2010

Look what happens when I go skiing .............

OK, hands up everyone who thought they were going to see a picture of me with a leg in plaster?  No, the sort of skiing I do is Spending the Kids' Inheritance!  (Why anyone should want to do the other sort, with all that horrid snow and falling over and so on is totally beyond me, but this sort is fun.)  As you all know, I collected my new frame from Martha who makes the New English Quilter (you can see it here ), last week.  I could not set it up straight away, but we put it up at the weekend, since when Bertha and I have done 3 quilts on it.

The beauty of this frame is that it is all handmade, and they will happily customise it to your own requirements.  Being tall, I wanted mine to be a bit higher than average.  Being downright fussy, I also wanted to be able to set it up at a length of 6ft, 8ft or 10ft.  Being awkward, I use a PCQuilter, so I needed very specific distances between the runners.  Being very flexible, they were happy to do all this for me.

Here's another view of it.  Doesn't Bertha look comfortable on her new perch?

Tuesday 20 April 2010

A lovely day .....

.... today we went and collected my new quilt frame.  It's beautiful.  Tomorrow we'll put it together and then I'll take some pictures.

On the way home we stopped at a pub near Lincoln, and had a fantastic lunch - the steak and the gammon were probably about the best we've ever eaten.  It's a shame it's about 75 miles away, which is too far to go for lunch, although my father is now trying very hard to convince me it's almost like our local pub!

Saturday 17 April 2010

It's finished ........

When I was talking to Bilbo the other day, she pointed out that I had never shown any pictures of the back garden since you saw this, in December. Trust us to decide to have it all dug out in the wettest November and snowiest December for decades!

Anyway, after many delays because of the snow, it was finally finished, and a couple of weeks ago we bought a few plants, and here is what it looks like now.
Of course it still needs a lot of plants, but we'll take our time over that.  I've got some clematis on order and some summer flowering bulbs, but other that those, we haven't decided what else we want to put in yet.

Who knows, perhaps I'll post about some quilting next time?

Saturday 10 April 2010

Hello, is there anyone out there ....

...... who still comes to visit me?  I've been quiet for so long, you've probably all got bored and found new friends.

We had a lovely family Easter but can anyone tell me when your kids grow up?  How did Mrs Nomad end up with yoghurt all over her face, courtesy of her little brother Mr Teacher?  I only turned my back for a moment and that's what happened.

On Saturday we had a lovely dinner of lasagne followed by Lemon and Lime cheesecake, all made by Little Person - OK Mummy helped a bit. 

He also helped Mr Fixit to feed the birds:

In my last post I was struggling to make those rectangles.  I finally did it, BUT... I forgot what would happen when I joined them together - no nice sharp points.  I'm not doing that design now.  I am having dreadful trouble with precision in my piecing at the moment.  I blame my new glasses, but my father has another theory.  He reckons the new specs just mean I can see that my piecing is inaccurate now.  How cruel.  Just wait till he wants another quilt.
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