Saturday 31 July 2010

I've done it! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

....... I've created a Christmas Quiltalong button. Do you like it?

If you do, you can easily add it to your blog too and help to spread the word. All you have to do is ucopy the code in the box underneath the button, go to your blog design page, choose the "add a gadget" option, then choose "add HTML" and paste the code in and save it. With a bit of luck, you'll then have a nice button on your blog too.

Friday 30 July 2010

Now, where was I? ..........

.......... oh yes, I remember, I was having a good idea wasn't I?  Would you like to know what it was?  OK, here goes.

From comments made on my giveaway post, it seems that I am NOT the only person in the world who is full of good intentions in January about starting my Christmas projects early this year, and then finding myself in December rushing to finish things.  Soooo............

Why don't we have a Christmas Quiltalong?  

What's a Christmas Quiltalong?  It's where we get out our Christmas projects and all set aside one day each month, (I thought maybe the second Saturday, would be good,) lock the doors, cook the meals in advance, tell everyone that you are not to be disturbed, and take yourself off to your sewing area, take out your Christmas projects and cut, sew, press, sew some more, press, cut .... well you get the idea.  We could then post on our blogs a couple of times in the day to say what we are doing and maybe include photos, and then we could all visit each other to see what's going on.   

I'll even design a little button for everyone to put on their blogs saying we've joined the Christmas Quiltalong.  (Finding out how to do that is what I have spent all morning doing.)

If we started this in August, just think how much we could get done before Christmas.  How about it?  Anyone going to join me? 

Thursday 29 July 2010

I've had an idea ..............

...... when I was on the committee of  Tuesday Quilters, the other committee members all used to groan when I said that.  They just knew that somehow it was going to involve them in some work.
profile editor

Well, anyway, I have had a really good idea.  Come back tomorrow and I'll share this idea with you.

and the winner is ................

Since I can't get the random number thingy to work properly for me, I used my own versionm which comes in two parts.  Before I could activate it, I gave each entry a number and typed a list of them.  I cut up the numbers, and put them in a basket.

Then I activated the random number generator, part 1:

which drew out the number

then part 2 started working, and referred to the list to see who the winner was.

He also took the close up photos, as my camera couldn't take a clear enough picture.  So there we are, I have a winner.

What's that?  Pardon?  I've forgotten something?  I don't think so.  Oh yes, you want to know who the winner is................

Well, here we are , the winner is .........................

Number 36

Fiesta from Quilting Fiesta.

Mind you, she might not get the book cos I really would love to keep it.  Think she'd notice if I "forgot" to post it to her?

Wednesday 28 July 2010

Roll up! Roll up! .....

........... for your last chance to enter the giveaway for this book.
 You have until midnight tonight to enter and I will be drawing the winner tomorrow.
To enter, just leave a comment here for one entry, become a follower for a second, and blog about it for a third chance.  

Sunday 25 July 2010

I just thought ............

.......... that since I'm doing a "Christmas in July" giveaway, that a Christmas background was appropriate!

Saturday 24 July 2010

Christmas giveaway .......

........... Christmas?  Well it is July, so I think it's time for a Christmas giveaway and so did those wonderful people at Martingale & Co.

If you’re anything like me, every year, when December rolls round, you promise yourself that next year you will start your Christmas projects early.  Well this year, I can help one of you to do just that.  I have a copy of this super book, called Christmas Quilts from Hopscotch to give away, thanks to the wonderful Martingale.
This was written by a mother and daughter called Heather and Elissa Willms, and it is a really clever book as there are seven country-style projects, then you flip the book over and there are seven bright and contemporary ones.

Please note the following pictures are copyright and you must have Martingale's permission to use them.
Like applique?  How about this wallhanging then?

Like working with wool?  How about this?

Want to make a Christmas stocking or two?  Here they are.

Fancy snuggling up under a cosy quilt on a cold Christmas evening?  Here is the perfect quilt for you.
or maybe you prefer this one
Really, there are projects in this book to suit everybody, whether you are an applique fan, a paper piecing novice or just love traditional piecing as you can see.  The instructions are all beautifully clear, and I particularly loved the "Hopscotch Hints" which appear here and there which are little boxes with helpful tips, such as how to apply your binding to a curved edge.

Sadly, I have to give this book away, I can't keep it for myself, so, if you want to win it here's what to do.  You get one entry just by leaving a comment on this post.  If you become a follower, or already are one, you have another entry,  and if you post on your blog about this giveaway you can have a third entry as long as you tell me that you are claiming a second and/or third entry.  

Here's the small print:  please, if you are entering, make sure you leave an email address so I can contact you if you win.  I can not accept anonymous entries and this giveaway is open to everyone, wherever in the universe they live.

This giveaway will be open until Wednesday (28 July) evening, and I will draw a winner and post the name on Thursday  morning.  Since I did not get on with the random generator thingy, I will probably get Mr Fixit to pick a name out of the hat.

Wednesday 21 July 2010

The Grand Days Out ....

myspace layouts

............are over.  They've all gone home. I'm sad.  I'm also very hoarse with a sore throat.  I think we may have talked too much cos we've all got the same problem.

One came from the Midlands, one from the Lakes, one from the east coast and me.  We all met at RHS Harlow Carr on Monday, and, despite not having all been together for several years, the talking started immediately.  It didn't stop for the next 48 hours, apart from when we were asleep.  

We had not made any plans, other than when and where we were meeting.  First things first, we decided to have lunch.  The menu was so wonderful none of us could decide what we wanted, so we probably horrified all the "ladies who lunch" who were enjoying a nice quiet and refined meal by ordering 4 different meals and sharing them!  There is no picture of the food - we were too busy eating it, but I can say there were no leftovers!  Then we went for a walk around the fabulous gardens.  Sadly Mrs Flummery from VegHeaven could only be with us for the one day, so we returned to the carpark, where we had the only bit of "quilty" talk or time in the day.
In the evening, Mr Fixit and Sewali's OH joined Bilbo, Sewali and I and we went out for dinner in a nearby restaurant.  Again, there are no photos, but we enjoyed our meals and there wasn't much left on our plates.

The next day was spent here, and we talked a lot, and had a demonstration from Bilbo about designing a quilting pattern.

We had a ploughmans lunch which was lovely and simple after all the rich food we had eaten.  Then everyone went home.  So now we will have to start planning our next gathering.

Sunday 18 July 2010

Only one more sleep .............

......... till three good friends and I meet up for a couple of days of fun, food and talk. We live in various parts of the country, so meeting like this doesn't happen often, which is why I'm looking forward to it so much.

I got this cartoon from here.

Monday 12 July 2010

The story of a quilt .......

........... This is the story about Sew-Easy Railfences, which is the quilt which I have been showing as my current favourite.

One day when I was working at the shop, Mrs PennyPot and I were talking about a workshop I wanted to do which would allow a beginner to make a quilt top in a day.  I wanted to do something a little more unusual than a 9-patch or railfence quilt which are what immediately came to mind.  We thought that using one fabric from a new range, which I loved as a feature fabric in large squares, would help to achieve the make-it-in-a-day aim that I had.  Anyway, I went home and we both had a think. Have you ever tried to collaborate with someone by email about a design?  It's not easy.  Mrs PP would suggest something to me, I would draw it up in QuiltPro and email it to her with my adaptations where appropriate.  She then emailed back suggestions, and so we went on.  Yes, I know it would have been easier to do it when we were together, but there you are.  This is the resulting design, which I thought was a good easy one, although it looks complicated.  It doesn't even have setting triangles to worry about.  It was certainly a popular one, and we ran the workshop several times, and also sold the pattern or a kit for it.  One person loved it so much she made about 4, in various sizes after her first one.  I still love this pattern, and one day, I might even get round to making one for myself!

Monday 5 July 2010

I forgot to tell you .........

.....I was one of the lucky winners in Amy's online Quilt Festival.  I won a fabulous jelly roll and some co-ordinating fabrics from Burgundy Buttons! Woohoo.  Thank you Amy, and thank you Leah.

I have spent today thinking about what to make with it. I have also spent a little(?) time on Burgundy Buttons' site, and I reccommend that you all do the same.  There are some fantastic fabrics at fantastic prices, and Leah is lovely to deal with.

Sunday 4 July 2010

Thursday 1 July 2010

Psstt ...........

......... Wanna see some pictures?  I'm still enjoying the tennis, so I thought I'd tell you about a quilt slide show I've found.  Apparently McCalls Quilting is having a competition, and we can all see the quilts that have been entered, (and vote for their favourite) here.  There are 148 entries, so I had a lovely cup of coffee before the tennis started and thoroughly enjoyed the show.
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