Wednesday 23 March 2016


Yesterday Scrappy and I went off on one of our fabric buying jaunts. You know the ones - train journey, Costa coffee, fabric shop, lunch, train journey, Costa coffee. Anyway, this is what I bought,

Aren't they just gorgeous? They're all backings for quilts I have had ready for ages, so now I have no excuse for not getting on and finishing them do I? Oh yes, and Scrappy insisted that I had to write the title just as it is, cos it's such a rare occurrence, and in block capitals, so I have.

I can go for weeks with almost nothing happening, then suddenly I get a busy week like this one where "things" keep getting in the way of quilting. Last Sunday we had to go down south to be at a funeral on Monday, Tuesday was the above mentioned outing, today it was dental check up day (all clear for another year) and the oven cleaning man is here now to give it it's annual deep clean, tomorrow will have to be housework day and Friday is the start of Easter and son and family are coming up, so I won't be quilting any of my flimsies this week. Now I'm off to research to try and find an Easter egg hunt locally that we can go on. It's no good doing it in our garden; it's so small there's really nowhere to hide anything!

Friday 11 March 2016

It's Finished ...

... well, it's a finished flimsy anyway.
The colours are way off, this is actually much brighter in real life, but I'm very happy with it.

Sunday 6 March 2016

Had fun ...

... yesterday at the Yorkshire Modern Quilt Group.
Now to do the other half.  Thanks Harry's Mum for the useful hints and tips.

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