Saturday 26 June 2010

Something for everyone ..........

I've interrupted my tennis viewing to just give you a couple of links.

For anyone who is a non-quilter, but thinking about starting, Quilting Tidbits is a wonderful online resource.  It is also great for people interested in quilt history, so go on over and have a browse around. Oh, and if you go here, you may see a quilt design you recognise.  (Hint, the name just might contain the words "leaves", "and "cabins).

On the other hand, if you are an experienced quilter, this video might give you a laugh.  The song is by Cathy Miller and is on youtube, here.

Right, I'm back to the tennis now, see you all later.

Tuesday 22 June 2010

Excuse me ............

.......... if I am a bit quiet for the next couple of weeks.  It's Wimbledon fortnight.

Sunday 20 June 2010

and the winner is............

Number 6, Dave, who would wear a red, white and blue hat!

Please contact me so I can tell you what to do next.

I used the random generator thingy, but I cant get it to appear in the right place on this post to prove it. Other people manage, so it's obviously something I'm doing wrong!

Thanks to everyone who entered. I just wish I could have given everyone a prize. I do think if we went to Ascot next year in our hats we'd make a real sight for sore eyes.

Saturday 19 June 2010

Who wants to come to the races?

I've had quite a few emails asking about Ascot and what it's like etc so I thought I'd take you there today. First, the background: traditionally it is one of THE events of the Season, and fits in between the annual exhibition at the Royal Academy of Art and Henley Regatta. Entry to the Royal Enclosure is by special invitation only, but after you have been invited on 4 (or 5) consecutive years, you are able to go in your own right, which is how come I am able to go.

So, to the day itself.  It is some years since I last went, so I am doing this from a hazy sort of memory (well we all know how forgetful I can be don't we?).

Are you ready?  Quick, the chauffeur's here.  I do have a tip for you here. Don't bother to put that big hat on until you arrive - it's a flipping nuisance in the car, (and, of course, it might obscure the public's view of one.)  There is a lot of traffic, so we'll be in the car in traffic jams a bit, so let's hope the chauffeaur remembered to restock the bar. Ahh, we're here....  quick, put your hat on, check we've all got our gloves (ladies and gentlemen) as we won't be allowed in without them.  Out of the car and in through a special gate.  (Yes, you may wave to the onlookers if you wish.)

Right, we're in.  The first thing is to check where our "box" is as that's where we'll have lunch. (It's also the only place where one may be seen without one's hat.)  OK, next is to go for a walk (ie a fashion parade).  See and be seen, that's the main thing.  This is where you realise that those stillettos were not such a good idea after all.  It's difficult to look elegant when you heels keep sinking into the grass!  Oh yes, and hats with very big brims are not too clever either, specially if it's windy, and hats with veils have a problem too - how does one eat elegantly in one? Have a good promenade around, and then we'll go and place our bets for the first race.  It's good to do this early, as we'll probably still be eating our 5-course lunch when it starts.  Placing a bet is easy.  There are special little windows within the Enclosure where we go, and there is no queuing necessary - well, one can't have the Queen having to queue up to place her bet can we?  Now we'll go and have our lunch, which will include strawberries and champagne of course.  Some people take picnics, but I prefer this way.  OK, finished lunch?  Let's go watch a race then shall we? Shall we stay in our box?  Good idea if the weather's nasty, or shall we go out into the stands. Being in the stands is more exciting, and I learnt a lot of interesting language from those who lost their bets. Woohoo, you've had a win too?  Let's go and collect our winnings from the same little windows, and place a bet on another race.  All this activity has made me thirsty, is it time for afternoon tea yet?  Go and have a drink and then do a bit more mingling, repeat until all the races are over.  The last race has been run, so now it's time to go and find your chauffeur.  Shall we stop for dinner on our way home? Yes?  OK, I recommend The Compleat Angler which has lovely surroundings and wonderful food.  Now we're home again, and I don't know about you, but I'm exhausted, so I shall just choose my outfit for tomorrow and then go to bed.

When I think about Ascot, I remember the excitement, the crowds rushing to be in the right place to see the Queen when she walks around, the noise, the quails eggs, the wind one year, the rain another, and the great feeling of winning when a horse I picked totally at random, wins the race (and that did seem to happen a lot to me).  Oh and by the way, cameras were not allowed, so no photos!

I hope you enjoyed a quick trip to Ascot with me. Now you know a bit more about it, don't forget there's still time to enter my giveaway.

Friday 18 June 2010

Oops ......

... it has dawned on me that I was not very clear in my last post.  The $40 voucher is for anything from the CSN website, not just for the bathroom sink.   They do some great kitchen gadgets and accessories, and I am also eyeing up a great slow cooker (and yes, I know the one I have is fine, but this one looks great and it's DIGITAL!)  So really you could get anything from a wooden spoon up to furnishing your whole house from them.

Thursday 17 June 2010

What's this? Royal Ascot and a Giveaway.

I have had several questions about my last post, so I thought I'd tell you a little more about a "Typical Day at the Races", but first, I have a giveaway for you because .... well, just because really.  It's not my birthday, or my Bloggiversary, it's not to celebrate getting eleventyseven followers, it's just because.

There are some really nice people at a shop group called CSN Stores, based in the UK and the USA, who have given me the chance to give one of you a $40 gift certificate.  How cool is that?  These really nice people sell everything from a bathroom sink to a swing and from a bath to a barbecue.  I have been thinking of revamping our en-suite (sshh, Mr Fixit doesn't know yet) so I was having a browse round, like you do and I found they have some of the coolest bathroom sinks I've ever seen.

 They even had a red glass one which  would be a real economy actually, cos it would match my bath towels! Just head on over to CSN's website to see the variety of things they have, but don't buy the red sink in case they sell out before I get there!

So I had better stop waffling, and tell you how you could win this $40 certificate. You can have up to 3 chances:

1. Leave me a comment, telling me what colour outfit you would wear to Royal Ascot to meet the Queen.
2. Become a follower of my blog and then leave me another comment to say you have.
3. Post about this giveaway on your blog then leave me a comment to say you've done that.

Don't take too long to decide about your outfit though, and leave your comments by midnight on Saturday 19  June, and I will announce the winner on Sunday.

Now I think I've talked enough for this post, so I'll come back later and tell you about a day at the races.

Monday 14 June 2010

Tomorrow ...........

............. is the start of Royal Ascot, and I am lucky enough to have the right to not just attend, but to be in the Royal Enclosure.  For those of you who don't know about Ascot, it is considered to be one of the highlights of the "Season" and anyone who is anyone attends.  If you are in the Royal Enclosure there is a strict dress code, although it has relaxed somewhat over recent years.

Ladies were not allowed to have bare arms, or to wear trousers and a hat and gloves were compulsory - well, you couldn't be seen in the company of Her Majesty the Queen without your hat and gloves, could you.  Gentlemen had to wear Morning Suits with a hat, and gloves also.  Just to give you a laugh, here are a couple of photos from those days.

I used to love going, the atmosphere, the champagne, the hats and fashions, oh yes, and the occasional horse race, all made for wonderful days.  I don't go any more, but I did love it while I was going - and not just cos it was a few days off work.

Aahhh, Those Were the Days, as they say.

Friday 11 June 2010

I don't do circles .............

................. well, not if I can possibly help it.  But this is the quilt that Mr and Mrs Teacher wanted when they werre expecting Little Person, so, how could I not do circles for them?

The pattern was in a magazine (I think it was Fons and Porter?), and I really loved it too, so I was really happy when they chose it.  This was just before I was going to the Amish country on a quilt tour, so I bought loads of FQ's of 1930's style fabrics while I was there, and this is the result.  They are not the colours or the type of fabrics I would normally choose, but I was really happy with the way it turned out so I thought I ought to share it with you.  I hope you like it too.

Monday 7 June 2010

Does any one else do this? ...............

Way, way back in the dim and distant past, well January actually, I ordered 5 patio clematis plants to put in pots in our new garden. 
All well and good, but January was a long time ago.  In other words, yes, I forgot I had ordered them.
Imagine my surprise then when the post office van pulled up on our drive this morning before 8.30 and in his hand he had a box. 
I wasn't expecting anything, so that was exciting. 
You've all guessed what was in that box haven't you? 
Yes, 5 baby clematis (clematii?). 
Oh heck, what was I planning to do with those? 
Oh yes, put them in pots. 
Which pots?
Aah yes, those pots - the ones I planted summer flowering plants in over the weekend. 
Guess where I went this morning then?  Off to the garden centre, to buy some more pots.
Does anyone else do things like this?
Last Thursday was my sister's birthday, and Friday was Mr QuiltFan's (aka my father's) birthday.  Happy birthday to both of you. 
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