Wednesday 31 August 2011

Day 9 of Pick Four blog tour

Well that was a long overnight flight from Canada to the UK wasn't it?  Still it's over now and we're on our way to visit Trudi from Quilting Prolifically in Lincolnshire, where you have another chance to win an autographed copy of the book
Before I tell you anything more about the area we're visiting today, I'd just like to introduce you all to our driver for the rest of the tour.
When I was planning this trip, I asked Trudi about the city where she lives, and this is what she told me:
"It's a 14th Century cathedral city on a bloomin great hill!   Old world cobbled charm, killer on the heels!"
So that gives us an idea of the area, and here's a few other things about it: 

  • John Hurt went to school there, Alfred Lord Tennyson born nearby and Margaret Thatcher was born and raised above a grocer’s shop in Grantham.  
  • Those born in Lincolnshire are sometimes called Yellowbellies, which is often spelt "Yeller Bellies", to reflect the pronunciation of the phrase by the typical Lincolnshire farm. The origin of this term is debated, but is most commonly believed to derive from the uniforms of the LincolnshireRegiment who wore a very bright yellow waistcoat for identification on the battle field. 
  • The famous Lincolnshire sausage comes from this area.  Most butchers have their own secret recipe for these and a competition is held each year to judge the best sausages in the county. 
Now, the tour is almost over, but here is the itinerary again, and some of the stops are still giving away copies of the book, so don't forget to visit them all.

Day 8 of Pick Four blog hop

Today we're off to Canada.  Vancouver Island, to be exact, where our host will be Paulette of Sweet P Quilting and Creations.
We're almost there now, but I'm going to give her a few minutes to just finish baking those wonderful almond biscuits (recipe on her blog here) before we arrive, so I'll tell you a few interesting facts about her home area.
  • The X Files (starring Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny) and Intersection (with the gorgeous Richard Gere,) were filmed here.  
  • Kim Cattrall and Pamela Anderson were both born on Vancouver Island. 
  • There is a very strong British tradition, to the food of the area.  If you have time while we're here you could enjoy a beer, lager or stout in one of the many breweries and pubs or, for something more elegant,why not go for afternoon tea which includes  freshly baked scones, and unique tea blends.
  • At this time of year, many restaurants organise mushroom hunts for their customers, and then create wonderful dishes using the treasures found during the hunts. Seaweed tours are also popular.
The temperature this afternoon is expected to go up to 20C, which is just perfect in my opinion.

Now, I think the biscuits are ready now, so let's hurry over to Paulette's, where she will give you another chance to win a copy of the book, but just before you go, here is the tour itinerary again:

Tuesday 30 August 2011

Day 7 of Pick Four blog hop

Hello and welcome to day 7 of our tour.  Wasn't it lovely to have a bit of a lie-in this morning?  The last 2 mornings we have had to get up sooo early.
Today we're off to visit Lynn from Sew'n Wild Oaks.  Lynn is not at home this week, so we're off to visit her in her holiday location of Calaveras County, where she is enjoying some time with her family.  Lynn is also a very talented quilter and designer but for today she has a copy of my book to give away to one of you.  Since I don't know this area, here is what Lynn has told me about the area:

  • Arnold is located in Calaveras County.    The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County made famous by Mark Twain. (By the way, Calaveras means skulls in Spanish!)
  • We are located in the spectacular Sierra Nevada mountain range, between Lake Tahoe and Yosemite.
  • Bears and mountain lions wander through our property.....we are too old, and too tough to eat!  But I'm afraid we are also slow.
  • You will need a sweater as the evenings and early mornings are getting a bit brisk giving the leaves a bit of Fall color.

Oh yes, and she did also mention that they really had a mountain lion wandering through their property last week - twice!
 OK, we've arrived now, so just let me remind you about the tour itinerary before you rush off to enjoy yourself with Lynn.

    Monday 29 August 2011

    Day 6 of Pick Four blog hop

    Hello everybody.  I'm sorry we had to get up so early again this but we have a long journey again to get from Barb on the moon to SewCalGal, who lives in Southern California.  At least it should be a bit warmer there than it was on the moon.
    I have managed to find out a few things about the area we are visiting today, apart from the fact that it is the home of movies and Disneyland.
    • Southern California is also important to the world of yachting and the San Diego Yacht Club held the America's Cup from 1988 - 1995, during which time it also hosted the America's Cup races three times.
    • The area with the highest population is Orange County which has approximately 1500 people per km² and the lowest populated is Imperial County with just 15 people per km². 
    • Death Valley features the lowest, the hottest and the driest locations in N America. 
    • If California was a country, it would be the 8th largest economy in the world.
    Don't forget, there is also a copy of my book to be won while we are visiting SewCalGal, but before we arrive at SewCalGal's, we're stopping for a meal at a restaurant called the Stinking Rose, where they boast that we "season our garlic with food".

    Just before we all get off the tour bus can I just remind you of our trip itinerary,

      Sunday 28 August 2011

      Day 5 of Pick Four blog hop

      Good morning everyone. I hope everyone who is in the path of Irene stays safe and there is not too much damage.

       I'm sorry we have had such an early start today, but we have a long journey ahead of us.  Today's host is Bejewelled Barb, and she has given me permission to tell you that she lives on the moon.  I thought this might be an area that many of us have heard of, but none have visited, so here are a few facts I have gathered.
      • It is widely believed to be made of cheese.
      • Only 12 humans are known to have walked there.
      • We will definitely need our pj.s tonight, as the average night time temperature is -153C.  I wonder how many quilts Barb has for us to use?
      • Have you all remembered to bring your bottles of water cos we're going to need them?  Although there are lots of  "seas" on the moon, none of them are made of water.
      Now let's go and meet Barb, and see what she has to say about the book.  Don't forget that she is also going to give one of you the chance to win an autographed copy.  

      OK, we're almost there, but there's just time for me to remind you of the itinerary for the tour.

        Saturday 27 August 2011

        Day 4 of Pick Four blog hop

        I just want to say that I hope everyone, not just those of us on this trip,  is OK and hasn't suffered too much from Hurricane Irene?
        Today we're making our way to Florida, where our host will be Kim (yes, the famous author of Scrap Basket Surprises and Scrap Basket Sensations) from Magnolia Bay Quilts.

        I'm sure you've all heard of Florida, after all it is a well known holiday destination area, but here a few facts that you may not have known before.
        • 27% of Floridians own cell phones but no landline.
        • Florida's population is approximately 18.5 million.
        • Sidney Poitier and Faye Dunaway were born in Florida, and Johnny Depp and Enrique Iglesias were both raised in the state.
        • I haven't mentioned food at all - not even oranges!
        Today's forecast is for a temperature of 35C 95F.  but according to the long-range weather forecast I've just looked at, there is no chance of snow today!

        Here's the itinerary for our tour, in case you've lost yours.

        Friday 26 August 2011

        Day 3 of Pick Four blog hop

        Good morning everyone and welcome to day 3 of our tour.

        I hope you enjoyed yourself yesterday and didn't eat too many Krispy Kreme doughnuts before you started clog dancing?

        Today we're in Georgia, with Pat from Silver Thimble Talk. I must tell you that Pat is also an author.  She has had many patterns published in the past, now she has her own book coming out in October, called Spotlight on Neutrals.  While we're on our way to visit Pat, I'll tell you some interesting facts about our destination.
        • Georgia is known as the Peach state.  Hmm funny how my facts often involve food of some sort isn't it?
        • This is the number one producer of pecan nuts in the world.
        • It has had five official state capitals: Savannah, which later alternated with Augusta: then Louisville; Midgeville and now Atlanta.
        The temperature today is expected to reach around 35C (95F), which to a Brit like me is hot, hot, hot.  Pat, I hope you've got the aircon turned up?

        Here's the itinerary
        Our itinerary for the whole trip:

        Wednesday 24 August 2011

        Day Two of Pick Four Blog Hop

        Good morning everyone, this is your tour rep speaking.

        I hope you slept well, and the flight from the UK was smooth?

        Our host for today is Mary, from Quilt Hollow.  Mary lives in North Carolina, and these are a few things I have found out about this state:
        • The Krispy Kreme Doughnut Company started up in N Carolina. 
        • Pepsi was brewed for the first time in this state.
        • The state folk dance is clog dancing.
        • One of the towns, Asheville recently won the title “beer city USA” although the state drink is milk!
        The temperature for our day in N Carolina is forecast to be 86F (30C) with a very slight chance of rain, so we can probably leave our cardigans and umbrellas packed in our cases today.

        Now for your chance to read what Mary thinks about my book, and to try and win a copy for yourself, just go and visit here, then get ready to travel to our next destination, which is the state of Georgia.

        Our itinerary for the whole trip:

        Tuesday 23 August 2011

        Day One of Pick Four blog hop

        Good morning everybody, and welcome to our blog hop.  I am your tour guide for the next 10 days.

        We are starting our trip in the West Midlands, where our host, Hazel lives and I thought I would give you some interesting facts about the area we are visiting today. 
        • We are close to the home of the UK’s largest quilt show, the Festival of Quilts.  
        • There are some very old towns - archaeological finds show there was a settlement in this area in 400BC but I don’t remember that! 
        • Allegedly, Roger Moore lived round here somewhere at one time, and James and Oliver Phelps, who play the Weasley twins in the Harry Potter films do too.
        • You’ll need your pj’s tonight as the temperature will be about 10C (50F) but during the day it’ll be windy and the temp will start at 12C (53F)  going up to the giddy warmth of 19C (63F) during the afternoon.
        Now if you go to Hazel's blog, here, you can read what she, as a relative newcomer to quilting thinks of the book, and you could win an autographed copy too.

        Tomorrow we'll be flying across the ocean for Day Two of our trip.

        Here's the itinerary for the whole trip:

        Monday 22 August 2011

        You are invited …

        ... to join us on a trip.  A really fun one, where you could win a prize.  An autographed copy of this, to be exact,

        Starting on Wednesday, you can join a blog hop round the world (well, the UK, USA and Canada).  There are ten stop-offs on this journey, and each blog-host will share their unbiased opinions (I hope they're good, I haven't bribed anyone to be nice!) about the book and each host will have a copy of the book to giveaway to one of you.

        Our itinerary is
        So, why not pack your case (don't forget the sunscreen and hat) and come and join in?

        Saturday 20 August 2011

        Princess Dorothy ….

        …. has just got dressed in her best crown especially to remind you that everyone (even those that did not enter a quilt) can now vote for their favourite Pet on a Quilt for the "Viewer's Choice" Awards here.  The voting is open until Sunday and there are all sorts of wonderful prizes that you could win just by voting. The categories are Cats on Quilts, Dogs on Quilts, Other pets on Quilts, EQ designed pet theme quilt and Art Quilts. Princess Dorothy has asked me to add that SewCalGal didn't have a category for Royalty on a Quilt, so she is entry number 1 in the Cats on Quilts group, just in case you wanted to vote for her.

        Princess Dorothy would also like to take this opportunity to thank SewCalGal, and also all the generous sponsors for giving everybody the chance to get to know her.

        Tuesday 16 August 2011

        Christmas Quiltalong Survey

        I am repeating a post from Saturday, as Cathi and I would really like your help, whether you took part in this year's Christmas Quiltalong or not.
        (I know that some people have had trouble with the survey, so if it won't work for you, please would you email me with your replies?  Thanks.) 

        Cathi and I have been thinking...
        Yes, I know, that's dangerous, and to make matters worse, we're going to ask you to think too.  Please would you take a couple of minutes to fill in this brief survey about the Christmas Quiltalong and 2012? It will only take you a moment or two, and all your answers are anonymous, but it would really help us to see what, if anything, we should do next year.

        Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world's leading questionnaire tool.

        Monday 15 August 2011

        Pets on Quilts

        Note from QuiltSue: this blog post has been written by our lodger Dot, who wanted to enter the Pets on Quilts Show that SewCalGal is running.  You can go and see all the wonderful quilts that will be entered by clicking on the button on my sidebar.
         Hello, I am Princess Dorothy (known as Dot by my special subjects).  I am currently staying with QuiltSue and her husband Mr Fixit, while my real servants, Mr & Mrs Nomad, are busy renovating a house to make it suitable for me.  

        Anyway, QuiltSue was making a new quilt recently and I watched her quite closely as she was laying the blocks out.  I knew the layout was wrong, so when she left them laid out over a sofa and went to  eat dinner, I thought the least I could do would be to move the blocks around to help her.

        When I'd finished, I needed a little lie down, cos it's very tiring this designing lark.

        Anyway, QuiltSue was very happy with the new arrangement when she saw it.  Here is my final layout, but I do wonder when she's going to quilt and bind it?  QuiltSue called this quilt Wimbledon Squares, cos she designed it while she was watching the tennis at Wimbledon on the TV in June.

        I thought I'd better just show you that I do like some of her other quilts too, look

        Sunday 14 August 2011

        I'm bordering ...

        ... on going doolally.  Why?  Well, adding borders to a top is my least favourite part of the whole quiltmaking process.

        Yesterday I bordered the Christmas Wreath quilt

        and put the first border on Friendship Chains.  Today I took that border off and replaced it with a different one,

        then I bordered my Drunkards' Path top (I really must think of a name for that quilt), pressed them all, and here they are.  By the way. please ignore the fact that they all look a bit wrinkled.  That's cos my knees really did not want me to crawl around the floor smoothing the tops out.

        I think my next quilt will be borderless!

        Saturday 13 August 2011

        Christmas QAL Post 6

        I've got the borders on Friendship Chains, but the whole quilt needs a good pressing before I show it to you. So I've achieved 3 of the 5 things I wanted, so that's not bad and I'm quite happy with that.

        I'm signing off for the evening now, but please do go here and fill in our survey to help Cathi and I plan for 2012.

        Christmas QAL Post 5

        I've added the borders to the Christmas Wreath, and Princess Dorothy has inspected the top for me and declared it ready to be quilted.

        Christmas Quiltalong Post 4

        Sorry about the quality of the picture, but I've done the first thing on my list now.  All my rows are sewn together to give a very odd shaped "thing".

        Now on to the Christmas Wreath borders I think.

        Christmas Quiltalong Post 3

        I just remembered that I can take photos with my phone, (duh), so here are all my rows laid out for the Scatty Christmas Stars quilt.
        I'll show another photo when they are all joined together.

         Don't forget to sign up over at  Cathi's to make sure you receive this month's installment of the Scatty Christmas Stars quilt and to go here to fill in our survey.

        Christmas Quiltalong Post 3

        Edited to add: some people are having trouble with the survey, so if it won't work for you, please would you email me with your replies?  Thanks.
        Cathi and I have been thinking...

        Yes, I know, that's dangerous, and to make matters worse, we're going to ask you to think too.  Please would you take a couple of minutes to fill in this brief survey about the Christmas Quiltalong and 2012? It will only take you a moment or two, and all your answers are anonymous, but it would really help us to see what, if anything, we should do next year.

        Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world's leading questionnaire tool.

        Don't forget you need to sign up over at Cathi's to be sure you receive this month's installment of the Scatty Christmas Stars quilt.

        Christmas Quiltalong Post 2

        I know what I'm planning to do today, do you? Don't forget to rush off to Cathi's to sign up and make sure you receive this month's installment of the Scatty Christmas Stars quilt.
        First I'm going to work on my Scatty Christmas Stars
        Then I think  I'll put the border on my Christmas Wreath quilt 20110612_2
        Then I'll add borders to my Friendship Chain and Drunkards Path quiltsFriendship Chains20110215_1
        Then I'll do some more stitching on my snowmen blocks.20110709_2
        Then I'll collapse in a chair, exhausted!
        I will be light on photos for most of today cos Mr Fixit's gone out, and he's taken the camera with him!

        Christmas Quiltalong Post 1

        It's Christmas Quiltalong day.  Hurrah.  Don't forget to hurry over to Cathi to sign up as she's our host today.

        I think it might be a bit quiet as I know that 3 (and maybe 4) of our regulars from the UK are all at the Festival of Quilts today.  I'm not jealous at all!

        Still, to get the rest of us in the mood, here's a little music to enjoy.

        Wednesday 10 August 2011

        Whoohoo ...

        ... I've been reviewed!

        I was on the Amazon site just now, and saw that someone has written a review of my book.  I was so excited.  (Yes, it was a good review too.)

        Tuesday 9 August 2011

        What day is it ...

        ... on Saturday?  Well here's a clue:
        Yes.  It's Christmas Quiltalong time again, so, get out your Christmas projects, put something yummy in your slow-cooker and come and join us for the day.  Cathi will be our host this month, and she will have the next instalment of our Scatty Christmas Stars quilt for you.

        See you there.

        Monday 8 August 2011

        Calling all Wantobe Quilters ...

        ... did you know that today you could win a new Janome sewing machine?  Just click on the gold button on my sidebar to go to Sew We Quilt to enter.

        Sewing Machine 

        Don't forget you do need to be registered with someone (me preferably!) who is displaying this button.  If you're not already registered  you can read about this campaign here

        Sunday 7 August 2011

        I have a question …

        ... how big should it be? 


        How big should WHAT be?  A table topper or a runner, that's what.

        I want to make either a topper or a runner as a gift for someone, and just can't decide what is a good size.  I've been looking on the internet and have found so many different answers now that I'm getting confused.

        Can any one help?

        Friday 5 August 2011

        I entered …

        … this quilt
        which a lot of you have seen before and which is called Leaves Around the Cabins (hmm, I wonder why I called it that?), in this week’s themed contest on the Quilting Gallery website.  They have a theme every week, and anyone can go and vote for their favourite quilts.  The one with the most votes wins a prize.  I like prizes, so I entered this week.  If you would like to go and see a great selection of quilts on the theme of log-cabins, and then vote, (maybe even for mine), then you can do so here.  There is also a wonderful quilt called Log Cabins and Fans by Mary Lou Casada, which was quilted by my friend Mary, which you absolutely must have a look at. 

         Here's a closer picture to show (off) the quilting on it.

        Tuesday 2 August 2011

        Saving money ...

        .. yesterday I went shopping with my father.
        Clipart Picture of a Man With a Shopping Cart. Click Here to Get Free Images at Clipart
        He bought several things in multi-packs or larger than usual sizes cos they were a lot cheaper, so his bill was quite a bit higher than usual.  It really amused us that he'd spent a lot to save a little.  Now where's the logic in that we had to ask ourselves.
        09 10