Sunday, 17 August 2014

Two weeks,

a fortnight, 14 days.  However you want to look at it, I can't believe I abandoned this poor blog for that long.  Where on earth has the time gone, and what ever have I been doing with myself?  Well, I think the truth is that I've been going through a lazy patch, which means I haven't really been doing much, so there was nothing to blog about.  However, that's all changing now.

One thing I have been doing is making these cute little 9-patches.  I have joined a swap being organised by Barb, and she has a wonderful tutorial here showing a great way to make these blocks which will end up being 3" finished squares. The idea is that we will each make everyone in the swap a pair of blocks. There were originally 24 of us in the swap, but we needed 25, so I said I'd go in twice - after all they're only small blocks aren't they - which means I need to make 100 blocks. No problem, they're only small aren't they? Then someone said why didn't we all make 4 blocks for each person.  The majority thought that was a good idea, so now I have to make 200 blocks - but they're only small, aren't they! I have realised that it takes almost the same amount of time to make a block, whether it is a 3" or a 6" or even a 9" block.  Next time I decide to volunteer for extra duties, please someone gag me so I can't say the words.  Mind you, I love the blocks I'm making and think I am going to have a problem when it's time to send them off to Barb to be redistributed.  So far, I have 110 made plus 16 almost made.

Yesterday was the monthly meeting of the Yorkshire Modern Quilt Group that I belong to.  Unfortunately, Scrappy couldn't make it this month.  I was late, which meant there was no space on the table I usually sit at, so I joined the so-called "naughty table".  Oh boy, I now know why it's called that - there was far more talking, joking, and most importantly, laughing than sewing going on round this table.  As one other person said at one point, "I have just spent the last half-hour or so laughing instead of sewing".  That summed up the day.

On the domestic front, Dad is now the proud owner of a shiny black mobility scooter.  He bought it on Thursday, after checking that he was happy "driving" it and that I could dismantle it and get it into the car, and we had our first outing with it on Friday when he had optician and audiologist appointments.  It all worked well, and will at least mean that he can now get out of the house rather than being stuck in all the time.  Since he was ill, he has not recovered the strength in his legs and can barely walk now, so this will make a big difference to him.

After a few weeks of glorious weather, it's all changed this week and has gone to being wet quite often, windy most of the time and relatively cool all the time, with temperatures well below average.

So now, I think I'll take myself back to my sewing machine to make some more 9-patches.


  1. ROFL volunteered to do extra blocks huh? I have been invited to join block swaps and I am so slow I know that doing 10-14 blocks would make me crazy. Glad your dad is getting out and about. The Ancient uncle is still grousing because I won't return the car keys.

  2. At least they are fun to make! You'll be glad you did.

  3. The blocks look great, but 400 of them? Yikes!

    So glad your dad is able to get out a bit now. It has to make him feel better.

  4. Ver cute little blocks! It should take you no time at all to dash off 200 of them...says another glutton for punishment!
    Now let's get back to reality here...I sure that YOU, my dear HRH, were the leader of the "Naughty" table by the end of the first hour! You might be able to fool some...

  5. Enjoy your block making. We have a naughty table in our group too.

  6. If you don't mind my saying...I can't believe you haven't been at the "naughty table" all along!! (hehehe)
    And if I may add another friendly "jab" - gag you?? Never! Glad you and your dad are back in the swing of things;).

  7. So glad to here your Dad is so much better! The loss of mobility is hard, glad he got the scooter. You volunteered for double the blocks! You are a generous soul! Sounds like you are making good progress on them and such bright and cheerful colors.

  8. Those blocks are cute. Are they those skewed nine patches, which I have a nifty little ruler for, called the X-block ruler? Good to see you back and know that your Dad is feeling better. See you soon and looks like I'll be bringing warm clothes. Take care.

  9. good to read Dad is mobile now with a scooter. Blocks looking good and yes there was a lot of laughter coming from the naughty table! I was with the bosses so kept quiet

  10. Those nine patches are so fun and them

  11. Only 14 days? If only I kept my blog as up to date as yours!

    Good luck with the remainder of your little blocks, very glad to hear about Dad


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