Friday, 29 May 2009

and a picture:

Since my ramblings over the past couple of days haven't really warranted photos I thought I'd post one of a quilt that Bilbo referred to the other day. After all, this blog is meant to be about quilting and other things, not other things and quilting. It's a combination of several patterns from the French Braid Quilts book. I can't quite remember who wrote it, but I can find out if anyone wants to know.


  1. I liked this quilt when I saw it when we visited last year.....bought the book because of it but although it has been read from cover to cover, nothing has been made! YET!

  2. It's a great book, and the quilts really are easy to do. I have actually done about 3 now, all different but based on the braid principle.

  3. Oh Wow how I love this. Very pretty. :)

    And who said this has to be all about quilting anyway? How are we ever to hear of the latest happening with the best dog on the planet? hee ...among other things!

  4. Lovely to see that again although I think it looks much better in real life (ie: onmy lap!) than in your picture!!

    I'm sure I have that book somewhere .... probably bought it after seeing your quilt, wonder where it is?


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