Friday, 29 May 2009

oh I'm soooo busy

Prevaricating? No, not me!

I have added another blog to my list, that I am sure some of you will really enjoy. Mary is a fantastic longarm quilter, and also makes fantastic scrap quilts that even I love! Sewali, DO NOT GO HERE, there's scrappy and there's feathers!


  1. LOL, too late, I found her blog through yours somehow about a week or two back, and I love her work, even though it's scrappy. It's controlled enough for me to enjoy, and I'm loving seeing what she's doing with the GO! cutter. I WANT one!!!

    PS - love the braid quilt, I've been wondering about periodically putting pictures of my older quilts in my blog so eventually I'll have a complete record. I'm afraid that the journal I used to keep has got very out of date ...

  2. I WANT ONE TOO! Stamping foot loudly. Don't think they're available in the UK. Yes, I think you're right about why we can bothe enjoy Mary's work too.


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