Sunday, 31 May 2009

Still no quilting done here, so this picture is of another braided one I made. This one was for my sister, and caused me all sorts of problems while I was quilting it. So much so in fact that Husband reckoned I'd actually quilted it twice before it was finished. Still, Sister loved it. It was my first time of using a jelly roll too, and I love them now, they make life so much easier when you're making this type of quilt.

Remember my "plans" for Friday? That long afternoon I was going to have all to myself? Uh-huh, you guessed it. It didn't happen like that. Son-in-Law phoned in the morning to offer to come and help Husband paint our back fence. Husband had a hospital appointment, so wasn't going to be around but Son-in-Law said he could do it on his own. Well, this fence has needed doing for a while now. Remember when blue was THE colour to have your fence? Back in 2000? That's when we moved up here, and yep, I painted the whole fence blue. BIG mistake. I must have done it really well, cos it's lasted. Unfortunately, it doesn't cover up easily though when you want to make your wooden fence look like a wooden fence again. Poor Son-in-Law spent most of the day trying. Some panels got 3 coats, and still the blue shows through. Not sure what we're going to do now. I think Husband's plan is to but some cheap paint-stuff and slap a thick coat on it all with a brush rather than spraying, and then try again with the spray thing next year.

Then Archie brought the rest of the Nomads round to see what was going on, Husband got home, and that, as they say, was that.


  1. Remember when green was the 'in' fence colour? Was that the year before blue? {giggle}. We painted much of the fence in the house before last green, never again - blended perfectly with the plants so I couldn't see my carefully tended shrubs against the same-colour fence panel!

  2. I think it was Bilbo. I didn't do mine green cos I thought there were too many that colour. Perhaps I know why now? (gg)

  3. It's not a laugh that's coming from me about your fence. Really, it's not. It's more of a chuckle of painful Oh Dear! I think.

    Archie is such the leader of the pack! I do hope some sort of treat was given for his hardship. Every leader needs reinforcement.

  4. I heard you laughing from here! Don't blame you either - I'm not the one who's now trying to paint the gate - with a VERY BIG paintbrush he bought this morning. I don't think Husband's laughing though.

    I am planning a trip to the petshop tomorrow to get some Archie treats to keep in. We can't always eat roast joints just so we have bones in the fridge!


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