Saturday, 2 May 2009

This and That

It's 7.30 on Saturday morning, the sun's shining and all's well in my world, well, sort of. The Son, Daughter-in-Law and Grandson 3 were supposed to have been coming up this morning for the weekend, but have had to cancel as The Son has something wrong with one eye and couldn't safely drive 180 miles. That was a disappointment as we were looking forward to seeing them.

I think I have now decided how I want to quilt Raspberries and Cream. I had an idea in my head of what I wanted to do,but it involved feathers in a sort of square with concave sides. I spent a long time yesterday on the internet searching for the right pattern and couldn't find it. I was even having ideas like "I wonder if my friend Bilbo could give me an on-line lesson on how to draw beautiful feathers?". Then, suddenly, I found it. The perfect pattern. Where? I had it all the time. Duhh!!

I am now thinking about how to quilt my True Scrappy, but haven't come up with anything yet. I'll have to make a decision in the next day or so, as I am planning to set Big Bertha up again next week to quilt several tops, including this one.

Meanwhile I am making a bargello quilt from a jelly roll. I have never made one before, so I am following a pattern very carefully. At the moment I can't see where the instructions are taking me, but I am sure it will all fall into place soon.


  1. Shame about the cancelled visit - hope Sons eyeis soon OK.

    Have you noticed the circles that are in the quilt? a dark one in the middle and lighter ones joining ..... facinating! I love the colours of this quilt.

  2. Yes I did notice the circles. I saw a quilt made from this pattern at Harrogate show last year and was specially taken with the effect of the circles.

  3. I can't wait to see how you're going to quilt the raspberries & cream, I might have to bring my top for a visit :o).

  4. I'm sure we could have managed something . . . but am glad you've found the pattern you want.

    Don't rush into making quilting decisions - I've done that in the past and always regretted it, usually followed by HOURS of unpicking (actually, you won't do this, you are far more sensible than me!)

    True Scrappy is lovely. What size is it?

  5. I bet you won't be surprised to hear that Raspberries is going to have feathers in the big cream blocks SewAli? I do have other ideas though that could work, so perhaps your top should come visit me.

  6. Don't worry Bilbo, I learnt the lesson of not rushing a decision on quilting about 18 months ago. Who remembers the saga of Sheila's Christmas Poinsettia quilt?

    As for True Scrappy, it's about 60" square. The quilting on that will probably be an allover of some type.

  7. So those blocks are about 15"? That's nice, I also learnt (along with not rushing quilt designs!) that I don't work small {grin}.

    I agree, custom quilting might not show well BUT you could always use it as a test piece for something else.

  8. Love this kaleidoscope and the quilt in a day top. Good luck with the feather quilting! I wish I were better at them....

  9. Thanks Mary. As for feather quilting, I cheat! I use a completely compterised quilting system that really does it all for me!


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