Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The Best Laid Plans

Well, off I went yesterday to Mrs PennyPot for a day of chatting, sewing, eating......well, you know the sort of thing. I even remembered to dig out the old camera so I was all prepared and I took along the bargello quilt to finish.

You know what they say about the best laid plans? It's true. We did some sewing and chatting, and another friend who was there did some painting. We had a super lunch. Mrs PP had made my favourite soup (Pond soup) with a lovely salad to follow. After lunch I had a really "funny turn" and felt so bad I decided I had to come home. When I got home I went to lie down and then dozed my way through the rest of the day. This morning I felt fine. In fact, it was a strange day, Mr PennyPot had toothache/sinus trouble, Mrs PennyPot was also unwell and Friend 3 was definitely under the weather too. Needless to say, there are no photos of the day.

On a brighter note, we went out for lunch today with my father. We went to a pub in a village about 5 miles away which has a good reputation, and I now know why. We had carvery main course and a dessert for £6 per head. Their main menu is humungous. To give you an idea, I got as far as page 8 and was still reading. It was a fabulous meal, and we will definitely go there again. The place is called the Swan, and if you want to see their menu, here is a link to it: www.swanaberford.co.uk.

We also heard yesterday that Daughter-in-Law got a new job . Many congratulations DDIL.

Note: hmm, why didn't the link I put in work? I'll have to go and think about that, but meanwhile, sorry to anyone who tried it - I'm a failure, but I'll try and do better next time.


  1. Great news for DIL, congrats to her from Bag End.

    Sorry you've felt ikky, hope you are OK now but take it easy kiddo, give yourself time to recover completely.

    hugs, Bilbo

  2. Oh what a bummer to lose a good sewing day, it sounds like there's a bug going round. I'm glad you feel better today and did at least enjoy some of your time at Mrs PP's. We'll just have to look forward to seeing the bargello for a bit longer :o).


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