Thursday, 28 May 2009

A (late) New Year's Resolution

I must stop prevaricating!

I have a list of things to do, and I keep not doing them, but finding other things instead. At the moment I have to:
  • finish writing up a pattern for Leaves Around the Cabins
  • finish writing a reference for someone
  • sort out backings for about 4 quilt tops I want to put on the frame for quilting
  • check how much wadding I need to get for the above quilts
  • take Dad to buy some pots for a couple of trees he has just had delivered
  • clean the oven (yukkk)
I'm sure there's other things too, but I can't remember them at the moment.

I'm hoping that by listing them here I might shame myself into doing some of them SOON.

Yesterday I had to go down to my sister's to meet the conservatory builder for a snagging and final payment meeting. I also arranged for someone to come and quote/measure up for blinds for her. That's all sorted now, so I shouldn't need to go again for a while. I'm a bit tired today as it's over 300 miles round trip, and these days I'm not used to driving those sorts of distances.

Perhaps I should have a lazy day and start my new year resolutions tomorrow? (gg)


  1. Now then our Sue......get your finger out as someone once said! at least do one of those things - prioritize ! the reference sounds the most important so do that first - then you choose which of the rest is important and DO it girl!

  2. I would select the job I wanted to do LEAST and the one which was easiest and quickest - if you can achieve both by the weekend you will feel great 'cos the nastiest job is done and pleased because in total, two are off your list.

    Good luck (from one list maker to another!)

    300 miles yesterday - sheesh girl, I'm tired and I only did the 100 mile round trip to Appleby.

  3. All sound advice, just think how good you'll feel with the oven ticked off the list! I only get stuff done when it's on a list, I've got one, but I'm ignoring it at the moment :o).

  4. I'm tired from just 30 mins driving - went to our Sarah's to dig over a border for her - as a suprise - while they are in Bideford. One hour digging and 30 mins driving resulted in me needing a tptp when I returned home! (a tptp? a glass of what ever you fancy! my Canadian sister in laws name for a G&T but it means wine in our household!).


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