Saturday, 23 May 2009


I obviously have far too much time on my hands and far too little to do! I keep finding these really cool widgets to play with, and I can't resist adding some of them to my blog, so on Thursday I added a counter which shows how many visitors come to look at my blog, and today I found one which shows the country my visitors have come from but I don't know who they are though. I also have got 2 followers now!

We have bought a new camera, so now all I have to do is use it. It has got a lot of features which I will probably never use, but I think I can also set it to bimbo-mode and just point at things and press the button. I'll try it later and hopefully you'll then see photos again.

I am feeling much better today, so now I'm off to try and finish putting the bargello top together before the Grand Prix qualifier starts.


  1. Love the bargello - but don't think I will ever do one!!

    I am one of your follower! I think!

    Don't know how to use half of the stuff you have found in many fewer weeks than I have been using blogs!

    but I have discovered how to move my pictures - well a bit!

  2. I would certainly say "think twice" to anyone about bargellos. You're not showing as one of my followers. I think you do that by clicking on the "Follower" link on the right. I'm not sure, I didn't put that there, it suddenly appeared yesterday with someone as a follower! As for moving pictures, I obviously need to work on that!

  3. Ah yes, the "time sucking" properties of a blog! I have managed to avoid all those Widgets so far {grin}

    Wait until you have a busy spell and get "blog lag", that's even more frustrating!


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