Friday, 29 May 2009

The best laid plans........

You know what they say about those? Remember my New Year's resolution (made yesterday?). I tried, I really did, but....To be fair to myself, I did do one thing on the list. I took Dad to the garden centre and we found him some pots. That's just reminded me, they're still in the boot of the car, and they're heavy. I think his gardener is due today, so perhaps he can get them out. Anyway, back to my resolutions. Then I remembered something I had to do that wasn't on the list, so I did that. Then I (almost) finished the reference. It's one of these where they ask really deep questions about a person's motivation etc and then give you 2 lines to answer in. And there's 2 1/2 pages of it. I've regressed to my schooldays for this, and I'm doing it "in rough" first. Today I must transfer it to the form. The phone rang. It was Son, who is currently on holiday with his family and they were about to go on a train ride on a steam train so he wanted to tell his father all about that, then had a chat with me. Then I started back on the pattern, but was saved by the bell. The doorbell. Husband opened the door and there were the Nomads again. They took Archie for a walk and seemed to end up on our doorstep. That was the rest of the afternoon gone. It was great to see them, specially as it stopped me doing things I really didn't feel like doing anyway. I did a bit more to the pattern in the evening and that's nearly finished now too. So, can I cross "nearly finished" s off the list, or is that cheating?

What about today? Well, it's a beautiful morning so I think when I've showered and generally got ready to meet my public I might go sit in the garden and finish the "unquilting" I was doing the other day. Did someone mention ovens? No surely not. I'll just plan meals that don't need me to open the oven door for now.

Husband has a hospital appointment this afternoon, so although it means an early lunch and therefore a short morning, it also gives me a nice long afternoon.

I'm seriously thinking of making another resolution. Not to make "to-do" lists. They put me on a guilt trip, and who needs that? On the other hand, with my memory, I just might forget things and then they'll never get done........


  1. It's lovely having off-spring living near - but - when you decided to do something important they always arrive on the doorstep don't they!
    I love the fact that they are called 'Nomads'.

  2. It's unfair of us really to call them that, but since they seem to spend a LOT of time out walking with the dog DH started to suggest they perhaps didn't have a home of their own any more, and that they had become wandering nomads. As in most families, the name then stuck.


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