Saturday, 23 May 2009

At last.....................'s finished, and here's the photo to prove it. This quilt is going to be called BarJelly, cos it was meant to be made from a jelly roll. It is not quilted yet, but is so busy, that an allover-meander type pattern is what I'll do on it.

I will never make another bargello quilt, and if anyone ever hears me thinking of doing so, please remind me of this one. Thank you.

Meanwhile, I have at least learned to use the new camera, so I think I deserve this cappuccino. Even if I haven't quite mastered putting photos where I want them on here!


  1. It's gorgeous -- My son's wanted a bargello since I started quilting but I doubt he'll ever get one!

    Thanks for the visit -- Chesty is a Bichon -- good guess! We tend to keep him cut short although since the move to Minneapolis a couple years ago, I do let his coat grow out some in the winter.

  2. I thought he was! Ours had a lovely nature and was, as a friend said, a real gentleman. Sadly he died from heart failure 2 years ago. Like you, we kept his coat shorter too.

  3. Scrumptious quilt top Sue, I'm looking forward to seeing it finished. I've made a bargello before and thoroughly enjoyed it, also trip around the world which is the same, but made with equal sized squares. I haven't made one for a while now ...

  4. It's beautiful Sue, but I already know I'm never going to make one, if you look like wavering in the future I will be on hand to stop you!

    Wish that dratted SewAli hadn't reminded me about TATW though - made one a few years back and gave it away, keep meaning to do another . . . .

  5. Hi Sue
    Came across your site while visiting quilting bloggers (I'm Sue W Sews). I like your bargello you are quite brave to a larger one, I've only attempted a 12" bargello block (from Lynne Edwards' sampler book) but once tried was enough!

    I also live in West Yorks (just) in Hemsworth, near Pontefract.

    Sue W

  6. Hi Sue

    Thanks for visiting my site. I would like to contact you privately so could you email me? My email addy is on my profile page.

    Regards from one southerner to another.

  7. Hi Sue
    I can't contact you by e-mail from your profile page as it doesn't link to e-mail, Here's mine - I found on my blog that the e-mail contact was unclicked so have clicked that on again.
    Look forward to hearing from you.



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