Monday, 1 June 2009

Wandering Star and Blue fences

You remember the "unquilting" I have been doing recently? Well, this is the quilt, Wandering Star, with no quilting now. It's very crumpled after the quick was I gave it today, so that's something else to be added to the ironing pile.

I have also made the backings for Raspberries and Cream and for BarJelly today, so they need ironing too. I was on a roll until I discovered I haven't got enough of the fabric I wanted to use as the backing for True Scrappy. Still, in the tradition of "scrappy" quilts, I am going to piece the backing too. I've never done a pieced backing before, so wish me luck with that.

For those of you who are waiting with bated breath to hear about the fence - the latest installment is that Husband went off to B&Q this morning, bought some more paint and a very big paintbrush and attacked the gate. He'll just keep on, even though it's not covering beautifully, till all the panels have been done, then we (actually, he, cos I just have this feeling he might not let me get involved this time round) will spend the next year considering what to do next. My answer would be to pay someone else to come and do it, but then Husband always says I have more money than sense! Don't know what he means.


  1. What a productive day you two have had Sue! Love the blue wandering star.

  2. What a pretty quilt, you're very brave to have washed the top - I don't think I could face pressing all those seam allowances.

    I have, however, pieced numerous backings and have a couple of quilts where I (nearly) prefer the back to the front! Just go for it and don't worry about straight edges, even seam allowances or anything stressful!

    Have a look at the Other Bag End for 25th March - two pieced backs.

  3. "...but then Husband always says I have more money than sense! Don't know what he means."~~~~

    And I'm not doing any explaining. I'm laughing too hard. If you prefer quilty comments but then leave me with a huge CRACK UP, well, I can't be responsible for what I say... All I know is you'll never get away with a Rail Fence around me! (*oh look, a quilty comment!)

  4. The leaf quilt on your side bar is beautiful. I love fall colors.


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