Friday, 5 June 2009

Happy Birthday Mr Methusulah............

..............also known as my Dad

(just in case any of you are interested, clockwise from the top left the photos are my parents on Dad's retirement in the 80's; husband and I plus both sets of parents on our wedding day in 1967; Dad in 2008; my boys - is husband, father, grandson and son in 2007; Dad in uniform c.1945); my parents, sister and I about to go to Buckingham Palace for Dad's award of an OBE, early 70's;my parents, husband and I setting off to Royal Ascot, early 80's.)

Yesterday was his 85th birthday, so I thought I would make up a photo collage of him through the years. May there be many more of them Dad.

The day before was my sister's birthday, so I thought I would do the same for her. I failed though as she hates having her photo taken and goes into hiding as soon as she sees a camera! Happy birthday anyway Little Sis.

I was hoping Husband would set up my frame today so that Big Bertha and I could bond again over some quilting, but he was so busy on THAT fence, trying to get another panel finished before it rained, that I didn't feel I could nag! So no quilting despite the good intentions. Maybe tomorrow. (and for anyone who is about to ask, NO the oven hasn't been cleaned yet. Maybe tomorrow?)


  1. Lots of birthday celebrating going on!! Great photo collage. So nice to find your blog.

  2. What a neat collage! I clicked on it and could really see how great those photos are. I know you must be so proud.

    Glad DH was working on the fence. You know, I had an idea. Archie could help with his tail. Just slap some paint on the end of it and we're good....


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