Friday, 12 June 2009

Raspberries and Cream anyone?

This afternoon I put Raspberries and Cream on the frame and sewed a straight line across as tacking, then I had to go babysit for a while, so that was the end of quilting for today. Tomorrow is housework morning, but then I think I'll plan an easy cook dinner for the evening, and hopefully I could then get cracking. I have tested all the patterns out on scrap, and I think they will all work OK and the tension looks good.

I wish I had taken my camera with me when I went to the Nomads'. Mrs Nomad had taken Archie for a long walk this afternoon and he met 2 of his friends and spent a long time playing in the field with them. When they got back he was so tired. When I saw him he was flat out on their patio, lying with his head on an old covered sandpit, like a pillow. He looked so uncomfortable, but was fast asleep. He just looked so funny, but no photo, sorry.


  1. Ooooooh, that's come out beautifully Sue, can't wait to see it quilted!

  2. Mmm, love that quilt, really looking forward to seeing it done.

    I have that pink tape measure - not used it yet though (but then, not done any quilting for eons!). Looks like it will work very well.

  3. Beautiful quilt. I'm anxious to see what you do with it.

    You still do housework?

  4. I do know what I'm planning to do with it, and I'm off now to start.

    I think the pink centre-ing tape will be really useful on this quilt where I'm planning to suse different patterns in the 2 blocks.

    As for housework, yes, unfortunately I do still do it, but only once a week! The rest of the time as long as sinks and loos are OK, the rest can go.........

  5. This is gorgeous! Such a soft subtle combination with so much opportunity for quilting. Loveley


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