Monday, 22 June 2009

Sneaky peekies.......

.............of Raspberries and Cream. I had to take the quilt off the frame to turn it so I can do the side borders, so I thought I'd take these photos before I put it back on.

I hope you can see the motifs I have used in the Raspberries and the green triangles as well as the border (of feathers, what else?). The other one is of the back of the quilt.

I'm not sure how well these photos show up the quilting, but I've taken the photo now, so it's going in here! So there!

Archie went home last night. Mrs Nomad came round in the car so she could take all his "stuff" with her, plus him, in one go, rather than take his stuff then walk round to get him so he didn't have to go in the car. He definitely does not like cars. It took both of us to lift him in, and one to hold him in while the other closed the back of the car. Apparently he was delighted to see his humans again, and also his cat, but I gather Kit was not quite so pleased. I can't think why?

Tomorrow I have to take my car for a check-up. It is a hybrid engine, and I am suddenly getting about 15 miles per gallon less than I should be. Not good. Thank goodness it's under guarantee.

Husband is busy this afternoon planting up pots with the bedding plants we bought last week. We decided that an Archie weekend was not a good time to do them - he'd either have eaten them, (most likely), dug them up (quite likely), or sat on them (also likely), or any combination of the above. Husband knows that now it's Wimbledon fortnight I'm not likely to anything much (I think he's learnt that from years of experience), and he doesn't enjoy tennis so he's doing them. Reeeesult!


  1. Your not alone.

    My Husband reminded my children yesterday that their mother would be absent for the next fortnight as Wimbledon had started.

    I only wish I could be absent but the shopping ,washing and cooking will still have to be done, after a fashion!!

  2. Thanks for visiting Angela.

    As for the chores, I reckon if they're not done by mid-day, they're not important enough to worry about!

  3. Loving the raspberries, though maybe you should call it strawberries in honour of the Wimbledon weeks! I hope you're suitably stocked up with said strawbs, and of course lashings of cream with the odd bottle of bubbly just to keep things ticking along nicely LOL

  4. Wonderful job on the quilting! Love those feathers.

  5. Hope little car gets fixed quickly/easily/cheaply as you have a long drive ahead of you soon {giggle}.

    Remind me to have a conversation with you about "teaching" Archie that cars are Good Places To Be. Fairly easily done if the Nomads can spare a little bit of time (10 minutes?) each day and worth the investment as it will make life so much easier in future.

  6. Well, garage couldn't find the problem,so yes, very cheap! Car's still under guarantee anyway. As for teaching Archie, that sounds good, thanks.

  7. Love the quilting on Raspberry's and cream.....don't know how you could waste a fortnight watching two people hitting a ball over a net - I'm with colin in the garden!! grin!

  8. Thanks Sewing Granny for the comment on the quilting. As for wasting a fortnight, I'm not, it's good exercise. I definitely remember being told in the past that tennis was good for you.


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