Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Ladies Who Lunch

It's been a busy day today. First I went to the hairdresser to have my feathers fluffed. Now I can see through my fringe again. I must confess I had trimmed it myself about a week ago, when I realised it was becoming very difficult to see out. I confessed to the hairdresser, and she very nicely told me I'd done a good job of it. I took Father down with me as he had made an appointment at his barber to have his hair and beard trimmed too. Then I went on to a meeting of the Ladies Who Lunch group. There were only 3 of us this time, but we had a good time with loads of food and loads of gossip. Then I came home, and I must confess that what with the food and the heat, I spent the rest of the afternoon with a book.

Tomorrow morning I hope to actually get the backing pieced for True Scrappy. I have cut the pieces out, so made progress. I couldn't bring myself to do a true scrappy back like I had intended, but am just using 2 colours. I think it will look OK, but we'll see tomorrow.

The kids are back at school after the half term, so it's back to normal again now, collecting them from school, overseeing homework, etc. That's why I can only quilt in the morning tomorrow.

If any of you are still wondering about the blue fence - there's been no progress today. The thing is, to do the rest of it Husband will have to be in the sun, and I don't think he'd enjoy that much. Maybe he'll do some more tomorrow as the temperature is set to go from about 74 the last few days down to 61 for a few days. Good old British summer's here!


  1. Hope it was a good book - sounds like a sensible way to spend the afternoon!

    Heard on the news tonight that yesterday Cumbria was the hottest place in England . . . oh goody (not!)

  2. I LOVE this weather, but I agree, it's a bit hot working outside in the full sun.

  3. Sounds like you had a great day! Lunch, friends, and relaxing with a book.

    Hope your weather gets cooler. (I think it was around 87 here today.)

  4. When I start to cut my hair myself that is a sign I need to get into the hairdresser as quickly as possible!

    Sounds like a perfect day!

  5. I've been doing that relax with a book thing, too! It's heating up so we can cook our breakfast on the driveway. Archie can clean up the leavings; not likely he'll complain.

  6. You're soo right Karen, he wouldn't complain at all.


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