Friday, 19 June 2009


has struck. I think my computer that I use for running the PCQuilter has just died.

I finally made the decision to put a heart in each of the triangles (and at 4 triangles per block, that's a lot of the durned things. So, this morning, while Husband was at hospital, I started. I did about 6, then had to stop. When I went back to them this afternoon, I did one and then the computer went on strike. No, it did more than go on strike. It stopped completely and I had to to force a crash landing to get out. So I just switched it off, then back on again. It lets me log on, goes through all it's boring little waking-up procedures, gets to the point where I think I can select a program and get going, and what happens? Nothing. Turn it off and on again and repeat the hanging around waiting bit - I'm really too impatient for all this. Result this time? Nothing. Repeat it all again. NOTHING. I've walked away for now, but I'm going back in a minute to see who is going to win, it or me. Any bets anyone?

So, very little quilting done, and a very annoyed me. What a waste of a nice, quiet, child-free, quilting day.

Boo. Hiss. I hate computers.


  1. Ahh man, that's a total bummer. I don't even think Archie could help with this. :<

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  3. Oh Sue, what a calamity! I do hope it's you that wins. Presumably if you were quilting you weren't connected to t'internet, so it won't be some sneaky update you can blame! Fingers crossed it unknots its knickers soon.

  4. Oh strewth - is this a case of getting a different PC/laptop and re-installing the PC Quilter software on to a new/replacement/working bit of kit or do you have licensing issues about re-installation?

    Knowing how much you don't enjoy the technical stuff, I do hope you can get this resolved soon and with as little hassle as possible.

  5. Oh, that really doesn't sound good, I hope you win the battle for supremacy soon.

  6. I won - again - for now, but I'm not sure how long that laptop will keep letting me have the upper hand back. I do have good backups though, I just dread having to go through all the hassle I had when I got my new laptop earlier this year. Those of you who lived that nightmare with me will probably know just what I mean.


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