Sunday, 7 June 2009

I WON!!!!!

I had an ah-ha moment in the middle of the night. I was running Big Bertha too slowly. This morning I did do other things first like changing bobbins, needles, etc, as several of you suggested. I also took the tension thingy apart in case there was some thread or something caught in it. Then I turned up the speed, started up the PCQuilter, and off I went. What happened? It worked! What worked? Not sure cos in my usual impatient way I did several things at the same time! OK, the tension still wasn't perfect, but a few tweaks and together we were making beautiful stitches.

I have now put BarJelly on the frame and completed 3 passes on it, and the stitching is pretty darn good if I do say it myself. Tomorrow I will take some photos to prove it.

Thanks to all who made suggestions, I was very grateful.


  1. Hurray! It is so frustrating when the machine doesn't work like it is supposed to. I'll be looking forward to the finished product.

  2. Sue I am so glad things are better with Big Bertha - it is so frustrating to have a machine play up just when you have the time to use it. Looking forward to the photos of your work.


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