Friday, 26 June 2009

It's finished

Raspberries & Cream is now finished and off the frame and blogger won't let me put the photos in to prove it! I have still got to bury all the ends (yukk) and then sew the binding on. Perhaps by the time I've done all that I will be able to show you!

I wasn't going to put another quilt on the frame today, but, well, you know how it True Scappy is now on there. Mind you, I did suddenly remember, after I had put the backing on, that I had forgotten to get some more wadding. Duhh, idiot. Then, I realised that this quilt was going to better with a black wadding, and I had this feeling that somewher, deep in a cupboard I had some black left over from another quilt. Oh boy, was I lucky, it was just the right size. This quilt has a batik backing, lots of seams and a poly wadding - talk about asking for trouble. I am using an edge-to-edge pattern on it, and I have done 2 rows with no problems so far. Keep your fingers crossed for me everyone. I also couldn't decide what colour thread to use. The borders of the quilt are plain navy, the centre is multicoloured (very) and the back is light blue marbled batik framed by dark blue marbled batik. See what I mean about thread colour. In the end I went for my usual cream - largely cos I didn't have anything else that worked with it, and I was too impatient to wait and order some. PPP (and no, that doesn't stand for practice, practice, practice) seems to be the motto for the day doesn't it? I really must do better.

I'll try and creep up on blogger later and get those photos on - watch this space.


  1. Can't wait to see it! Often it's when you anticipate problems that things go fine, when you think a job's going to be plain sailing the wheels fall off. It's called Sod's law LOL. Glad the scrappy's going well so far.

  2. Can't wait to see both the quilts!

  3. Glad you had the black batting - which is why, in case you needed any excuse, it is absolutely essential to keep a huge stash for supplies!

  4. While I agree with you Bilbo, remember, I have only got a little house, and Husband absolutely refuses to give up his workshop.


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