Thursday, 25 June 2009

She won!

My very clever friend Sewali, entered a challenge at quite a big quilt shop in the UK. Everyone who entered was sent a piece of the challenge fabric, and they were free to add whatever else they wanted and use whatever design they wanted, to make a quilt. The results were all displayed over a number of days up to last Sunday, and she has just been told that she won the Visitors' Choice award. This is a picture of the winning quilt. You can see it in better detail on her blog here. This is the second time she has won this annual challenge. She also said I had to tell you all it is a small show, but don't believe her! Anyway, well done Sewali.

P.S. regular readers will note that I have, at long last, learned to use the "links" facility on this blog! and just to prove it, here's a link to Sewali's online shop, ASding. What she doesn't know about wadding just aint worth knowing and if you're ever not sure what to use, go check out her Waddipaedia and you'll soon have all the information you need.


  1. Thank you Sue ~ bowing gracefully :o). I'm tickled pink to win, I think it's even more special when it's a viewer's choice. The challenge fabric is the floral that I've used for the border.

  2. What a great quilt, its nice to get to know the winners too! Thanks for sharing!

  3. That's a lovely quilt -- very graphic. And very impressive linking skills!


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