Sunday, 28 June 2009

Two posts in one day!

Here it is in all it's glory: True Scrappy. (Remember, as always you can click on the photos to enlarge them and then get back with your back button.)

This quilt has been a first for me in several ways. It is the first scrappy quilt I have made, and I love it! The back was a first too because I have never done a pieced backing before. The quilting was done eventually in cream thread and uses an edge-to-edge pattern I have used before called Double Bubble Trouble.

I have now finished quilting tops for a while. I do have one more top ready, but in my usual organised way, I have now run out of wadding and haven't got the backing for it yet. Still, I do have a bit of time in hand on that one as it is destined for my sister for Christmas.

So now I shall go back to piecing for a while. Now shall I do the neutral one? Slight problem might be that I haven't decided what design to do that one. I could do the red and tan? Same problem. What about the yellows I was going to use for a Dresden Plate? It's just dawned on me that that might look too much like sun with its rays. Perhaps I'll do the paper pieced Jinny Beyer one? Oh dear, so many decisions. Suggestions anyone?

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  1. This quilt needs to live at my house! I love it! I'm so drawn to scrappy quilts -- the more fabric, the better. And another great quilting job!


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