Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Honey I'm home!

I have spent a fantastic couple of days in the Lake District with my friend Bilbo. It was only a short visit, but we seemed to pack a lot into the time. On the Monday afternoon she took me on a tour of part of the area. The scenery was amazing, and I have got some photos to share with you, but they are on my camera, and guess where the camera is? Husband has sneaked off with it to his club. How dare he? Anyone would think it was his camera! So I'll have to put the photos on tomorrow.

In the evening she tried to teach me how to draw feathers - she is brilliant, and I am not, but she was very patient with me. Lots of practice needed before I can draw decent feathers I think.

The next day I had a private quilt show. Bilbo has been quilting for about 15 years, and she is a great longarm quilter. She showed me lots of her quilts, probably about 50, and there are still loads more. Some of the quilts were absolutely amazing, but I have to admit that I found her scrappy food themed log cabin was too much for me! A couple of the others however have really inspired me and given me some good ideas. Oh heavens, more time needed in a day. Actually someone once told me how to get more time, and that is that I just have to learn to sleep faster!

The most important thing was that I got to meet her wonderful dog Mr Hairy Four Paws. He definitely does not like this weather.

Now I'm home for a few days, then on Saturday I'm off to a friend for the day to try and help her get Big Bertha's new sister Tessie set up properly. Tessie's suffering from tension problems like I did the other week when I was about to start quilting BarJelly. Let's hope I can help her.

Sunday I am going down to my son's to look after their son for a week while they are at work and their childminder is on her honeymoon, so all in all, I'm quite busy not quilting at the moment.


  1. I'm glad you had fun, I need to go and visit Bilbo again, I haven't seen her quilt collection yet! Did you like the cupboards with the stash? I've got to get me a dedicated sewing room and organise mine as nicely! Looking forward to seeing some of the photos.

  2. ooh yes, I forgot to mention cupboards FULL of fabric, and tubs FULL of thread. I did ask her if she'd ever thought of opening a shop?

  3. Bilbo has a wonderful 'couple' of workrooms doesn't she! I am glad you had a good time with her but I am also very jealous! :-(( I thought 007 would take me to see her agin this year but he has done nothing about it (I know I should have done it myself....but you can't take everything away from, I must leave him something to do!)
    I hope you find time to go back again - just to explore the rest of the Lakes, if not to see Bilbo.

  4. Blushing .......

    I had just as much fun as Quilt Sue, if not more. It was wonderful to laugh and talk "quilt" without interruptions.

    SewAli, Granny- here's a tip - leave the Husband behind, they really do get in the way of a good quilty session {LOL}!!!!


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