Tuesday, 21 July 2009

New Blogs

Ever wondered what happens round here when I don't want to go quilting, it's raining and I've got some spare time, which I am certainly not going to use to do h****work!

Some of you may have noticed that I have been extending my list of blogs I like to visit. They are almost all quilting sites written by some great people who are fun to "visit". There is some variety in my choices, but they are mainly people who make traditional quilts, and some of them are even people who concentrate on scrappy quilts. (Eeekk, what's happening to me?) It will probably not surprise you to see that one or two of them are mainly about longarm quilting too.

Meanwhile Mr Fencepost (alias Husband) has been painting in the garden again. This time he decided to do the decking, which I must admit did need it. Now I would have popped out, bought a tin of preservative, slapped it on and job done. Mr P is a perfectionist. He has jetwashed and cleaned it all, rubbed all the wood down with sandpaper, and is applying a proper decking paint, - twice!! Talk about making work for yourself. I must admit it's looking good though, even though it's raining now so the 2nd coat isn't going to get done today.


  1. Gosh and to think he did all that without the help of Archie!

  2. oooh, you must post a photo when it's done, we've got to do ours once we've finished building it, and I'd love to know what you used and if you're happy with it. I'm assuming it's not blue ... ;o)

  3. He is certainly thorough! Thanks for adding my blog to your list.

  4. Excellent timing - been meaning to mention something I just found (expect everyone else already knows about it).

    Like you, been spending way too much time checking on way too many blogs {grin} so have started to use Google's Reader. Works really well and has drastically cut the time I spend, let me know if you want more info.

  5. Hey Sue,just wanted you to know that I have been eying that quilt "Leaves Around The Cabin"
    Where could I find the pattern for it ???
    I just love it!!!

  6. sewali, photos will be taken for you when it's finished.

    Quilthaze: you're very welcome.

    Bilbo, I'll look into that, thanks for the tip.

    Bettyp and karendiane I've replied privately to you both.

  7. Morning Sue! I have noticed that I am spending more time reading others blog too....they are all so interesting! I haven't yet added them to my blog list but they are bookmarked in my 'blog' file!

  8. Oh, great! Now I'll never get away from this computer. :) Seriously, thank you for the blog list. I do love blogs about quilting.

    Give Mr. Fencepost a pat on the back and tell him it's from me. I'm very impressed that he's so handy.

  9. Sorry Sewing Granny and Ms Magnolia. What can I say?

  10. It's always fun to find new blogs but I admit I'm always behind on my reading these days -- just can't keep up and manage to sew too.


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