Thursday, 30 July 2009

Archie is growing up

Remember Archie?

Well, he came to stay on Saturday night, and he really made me laugh when I took him out for his late night and early morning constitutionals because he has now worked out that boy dogs are supposed to cock a leg when they need to answer the call of nature. Only trouble is, he now tries to cock his leg and squat at the same time! He looks so funny when he keeps on almost falling over. I hope he gets this worked out soon.


  1. Archie is too cute!! Paulette

  2. He's got to get it worked out or spend most of his time horizontal! Hope he manages it soon.

  3. Yep Archie is cute, and he knows it! I'm sure (?) he'll work it out sooner or later, but meanwhile he does look funny, and the look on his face when it all goes wrong is just priceless.

  4. Sue,you are too funny!!!!
    And Archie is so cute !!!

  5. I missed this one. Shameful, Karen! Shameful. So cute with the transition and how it so vividly displays itself. How old is he now? Duke is almost 2 years old and still doesn't hike it up.


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