Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Insomnia cure!

I've discovered a cure for insomnia: looking after a very lively 3 (on Saturday) year old grandson!

Here is a picture of my "cure".

I have a feeling his mummy might not be too happy with me when she gets home. We've been playing with water at the kitchen sink, and there is a very wet t-shirt in the laundry and a wet chair in the kitchen now.


  1. Now that you've found the cute, how do I get one???? lolol

  2. he looks delightful - full of mischief and wonder Granny is tired, and has found a cure for insomnia! grin!

  3. What a great week - you get to play with granson AND cure insomnia ... just make sure you remember when you get home!

    You won't be surprised it is not something I suffer much from these days, so perhaps you need to take up heavy-duty gardening when you are not quilting?

  4. What a punkin' he is! Gma's get a lot of leeway don't they?


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