Thursday, 23 July 2009

More introductions

You've met Little Person (remember my insomnia cure?) who is GS3 (son of my DS and DDIL, Mr and Mrs Teacher) so now I thought it was time for you to meet The Professor, GS1 and Chatterbox, GS2, the sons of Mr and Mrs Nomad.

It's still quiet on the quilting front as this week has been so busy with family things. Tomorrow I am going to lunch with the Ladies Who Lunch. We are all ex-committee members of our quilt group, Tuesday Quilters, and we used to have so much fun as a committee, that we decided we would continue to get together from time-to-time after we resigned from committee duties. This time we are all going to one person's house, taking either a starter, main or pud with us instead of going out.
Next week I am hoping will be a bit quieter, and who knows, I might even have time to get a sewing machine out.
As I haven't really been posting about quilting, and that's meant to be what this blog is about, I am going to try and post a slide show of some of my earlier quilts later today.


  1. They're good looking boys, they're going to break some hearts in the years to come :o)

  2. Very handsome young men. I love the nicknames you have for your family.

    I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that you get your sewing machine out!

  3. Thanks sewali and Ms Magnolia.

    I am definitely hoping to be able to dust off the sewing machine next week, but I have a funny feeling it's not going to happen!


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