Sunday, 5 July 2009

Big Bertha has a sister, Ten Ton Tessie

Until very recently, Big Bertha was the only one of her kind in the UK. (If you want to call her a machine, you must whisper, very quietly, or she'll get upset.) Well, a couple of months ago, her sister, Ten Ton Tessie arrived here. In case you're wondering, Tessie is the spitting image of Bertha. Quite amazing really how alike they look! Congratulations to her parents Lis and Drew. Yesterday, they spent the day bonding together (as I stood by and watched) with the result that after lunch they stopped playing with calico and put a REAL quilt top on their frame. When I left them, they had almost finished the 2nd pass on this top and it was looking great.


  1. Your help was very very appreciated! Tessie has now done 2 quilts and has a 3rd loaded. The UFOs are diminishing!

  2. Wow!! Well done. We'll look forward to seeing pictures soon.

  3. How exciting! Someone is happy, happy!


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