Friday, 6 November 2009

Here it is............

....... my Disappearing Nine Patch top:

 I love it, and can't wait to put my frame up again and get it quilted.

This afternoon I was chatting to my friend Bilbo, and she said I should include some comments about sizes, so, being a very obedient person (yeh, yeh, stop laughing, Bilbo)  here are my thoughts about sizes.  Overall, this top measures 48 x 60 inches, which is a good size for a lap quilt.  The original blocks were made at 12" square, so when they were cut up, each piece measured 6" square.  Originally I had planned to use blocks at half this size, but after making a few, I decided they were too small.  It was going to make a very busy quilt with a lot of small blocks, so I restarted with different sized blocks.  I have added 2 borders, the dark green is 1" wide and the final one is 4".  If you want to see what the quilt would have looked like with the small blocks, made to the same overall size of the one I have done, here is a diagram:
See what I mean?


  1. Love the version you've made, Sue, can't wait to see it quilted either!

  2. I've just posted a couple of pic of my disappearing 9 patch. I'm adding the sashing (I think) but this setting looks fun too. I'll have to do some playing on the design wall before I commit. Your fav quilt is beautiful!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!!Thanks for sharing! Paulette

  4. You made the right choice, it's lovely the way it is.

  5. Oh I love it too! Can't wait to see it quilted.

  6. Great quilt. I've got one planned in my head but when it's going to be made I don't know.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  7. It looks fabulous. Once again you were Ms Productive. You should get an award for that!
    Well done,
    Abs :)

  8. Don't you go blaming me {giggle}, I still haven't forgiven you for the CO alarm incident!!

    (BTW, dratted thing has been totally silent since yesterday)

  9. OK, I THINK i've replied to everyone, except Bilbo for their comments, but in case I have missed someone, I'm really sorry, and thank to you all for the nice things you've said.

    As for Bilbo's comments, all I will say is "it's a foul slur on me". I was only trying to be a considerate good friend when I suggested the CO monitor.

  10. No, no, Ma'am, foul slur on ME!

    You were absolutely right to suggest the monitor and it is A Very Good Thing that we know the WBS is safe.

    BTW, whilst busy teasing you I omitted to mention how darn good that quilt top looks. Christmas present for Dad maybe?


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