Wednesday, 4 November 2009

I'm fed-up......

... with strikes.  Our mail delivery stystem is erratic, to say the least, due to the mail workers' strikes.  They are being clever and not striking all the time, just 2 or 3 days a week.  Quite enough to hold everything up.  I am not happy cos between us Mr Fixit and I are expecting 5 packages, some of which were posted several weeks ago, and the only post we've had is 2 letters in the past week, and they were both junk mail!  Locally our refuse collectors are also striking, and have been for 9 weeks now.  The council have told us to still put our bins out for emptying on our normal day (Saturday for us), and bring them in after 8pm.  We have obediently been doing that. Other people have just been leaving them out.  We have also been doing their job for them, and taking our rubbish to the local dump.  Imagine how annoyed I was yesterday (Tuesday) to come back from shopping to find the bin men had been.  This meant those who ignored the council's instructions, have had their bins empty.  We have not. 

So now you know why I am fed-up with strikes.  It's all about ME!!!!


  1. Oh kiddo, sympathies for the bin situation. Hate that.

    I am afraid I cannot fathom the brains behind the Royal Mail strike action. Amazon have now moved all their business to couriers, I am sure many other large organisations whose business model relies on guaranteed fulfilment of orders have done the same. These companies will not drop those new contracts and go back to the postal system when the strike is over; result - Royal Mail has lost out on millions of pounds worth of business, probably for good. Cannot see the logic, assuming there is some?

  2. I don't think logic comes into it at all, somehow. It's just the classic battle of the workers vs management, both wanting to win, neither prepared to be flexible.

  3. I'm sorry to hear about the strike situation. I hate strikes. They are bad for all parties involved.

  4. Post AND the bins, no wonder you are fed up!! I'm a little reluctant to post anything, but I don't think that will solve anything either! Hope the bins are done this Saturday!

  5. Amazon win hands down for service at the mo - I ordered 2 books on Friday lunchtime on the 'free delivery' option - they arrived Mon 5.45pm. Brilliant!

    Post strike driving me mad - I work from home & whilst a lot of business can be done by email these days, many of our customers still pay by cheque...

    Bad luck on the bins tho'.

  6. Wow it's like a two different worlds. Here where we live, in Florida, everyone is so desperate for work that more than half of the professionals I know work outside of their profession and to boot some businesses treat employees like they are dispensible because behind every employee is a huge stack of applications.

  7. The postal strikes have been a darn nuisance, if you're not a high volume shipper or send a lot of small packages, there isn't really an alternative to the royal mail. Thank goodness sense has prevailed (for now!) and they say they're not striking again before christmas. Fingers crossed your packages come through soon. Bad luck on the bins, that sounds really frustrating.


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