Sunday, 29 November 2009

Remember these pictures?

and these ?

Well, now I can show you what I was up to.  The blocks you can see were all table runners I was making as surprise gifts for some friends, plu an advent calendar for Little Person.

Here are the finished things:

I also put some matching coasters, a Chicken and some good old fashioned  Yorkshire Tea in.
I think everyone enjoyed their surprises.

PS the top two runners were made from block patterns from Kim's book Scrapbasket Surprises.   I find that making table runners or placemats is a great way to just make a few blocks of a pattern you like if you haven't got time to make a full quilt.


  1. I spotted one gift at Karen's and one at Sharon's. How fun! I think you did a fab job with them!!

  2. You've been busy! They're all very pretty too.

  3. You're very sneaky! I remember seeing those blocks and thinking you were making a sampler quilt! I really love the table runners you made. I epecially love the blue one! :)

  4. Love the table runners. That is what I've been working on for my sister for Christmas too.

  5. I'm so impressed! You have been a very busy girl. I love your table runners. You're right table runners are a great way to try blocks.

  6. You bet I loved the surprises!!!
    You're gem and a very talented one at that :0)
    Abs xx

  7. I'm getting tired just watching you right now {giggle}. Maybe I should let you come and play in my sewing room for a few days, I think that is the only way some of my fabric is going to get used although I shudder to think how much you might get through if I turned my back, you are quilting like a woman possessed at present {smile}

  8. Wow! You have been a busy little bee! They are all fabulous!

  9. They are fabulous

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  10. I love them all! Well done for getting so much done at a traditionally busy time of year.


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