Thursday, 26 November 2009

I am having a bad day...........

Today is the day the gardener is supposed to start digging up and re-landscaping our garden.  He told us a skip would be delivered early, and since that usually means about 7 - 7.30 am, I was awake before 6, and up by 6 cos I couldn't get back to sleep and was worried that the skip might arrive and get put in the wrong place.  So, faffed around till about 7.30, then, because I had a dental check up at 9am, I headed to the shower.  Guess what?  Mr Fixit was in there!  AAAAHHHHH!  I couldn't go into the bathroom instead, cos someone had to be around in case this flipping skip arrived.  I got into the shower at about 8.10.  PANIC.  I had to leave about 8.30 to get to the dentist in time.  Boy did I get ready fast.

I left here, got round the corner and promptly got stuck behind a dustcart.  Since today is their first day back after 80 days on strike, I know I shouldn't complain, but did they have to start there and at that time?  The road was too narrow to pass him, so we just had to wait.  Luckily the dentist was late too! 

Then, I went to the local hospice's charity shop to buy Christmas cards.  Last year, we bought them, and were horrified when we opened them to find that inside they had printed a note on the card asking the person who got it to make a donation.  I complained to the charity about the "begging letter" bit.  They offered a refund, but I told them to just keep it as a donation.  So, this year, before I bought them, I emailed and asked if they had done the same thing, and got a reply that they had not.  So I bought 6 packs this morning.  When I got home, I decided to check them, and, yep, you've guessed it, all but 2 packs did have the message inside!  I fired off a furious email to the person who wrote to me, and have told her that this year I do want my money back. This afternoon they contacted me, and said they were sorry,  the shop must have been selling some old stock since this year's cards definitely did not have the message in.  Well, yes actually some of them do, cos one of the packs I bought is on their website as being this year's designs.  Anyway they have arranged for me to take them to the manager of the shop for a refund. I don't like doing this since they are a charity, but I feel that I have supported them by buying the cards, and the recipients, who may not be local or interested, should not be asked to do so.

It's now almost 5.30 and still no skip, no gardener, and no christmas cards.

The rest of the day was OK, apart from the thumping headache I have, until I decided to make myself a cappuccino just now, sprinkled chocolate on top, and the lid fell off.  Noooooooo.

 Tomorrow will be a better day I just know.


  1. Oh, Sue! What a day! Try the cappuccino again and maybe some aspirin! Hope tomorrow is better.


  2. Oh sweetie, and when we chatted at 10.30 it was decreed that you'd had enough go wrong with the day and were going to start afresh. Obviously we did not decree loudly enough.

    Come up the M6 and help us in the "soup kitchen" - that would make you feel better {smile}

  3. Sue,
    I hope that you have a better day tomorrow- some days one wonders why they got out of bed that day- I am sure things will be better tomorrow.
    Have a nice cup of coffee/tea, put on some of your favorite music and pat the fabric if you have the time.
    Warmest regards,

  4. Oh Sue! I hope you've had a better day today.


  5. A cappuccino usually helps everything! lol Until the lids falls off of course. lolol
    Hope tomorrow is a better day!

  6. I'm sending you chocolatey thoughts. Cheer up xx

  7. Oh dear, and I thought we agreed any time was a good time for chocolate! I hope today is a vast improvement!

  8. Isn't that just the limit, hopefully you've used up the bad luck for the time being! Fingers crossed today is running more smoothly.


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