Saturday, 14 November 2009

What is your favourite...........

.......... style of quilt.  That is the question my friend from Copper Patch asked me recently.  I had to think for quite a while, and I still haven't really come up with an answer, except that it would use traditional (and probably reproduction style) fabrics.  Perhaps my answer is "the quilt I am working on at the time"?  How about any of you out there in Quiltland, is that a question you can answer easily?

I also had a lovely package from Ms Copper Patch this morning.  She had sent me some lovely Australian quilt magazines and some Cadburys chocolate made in Australia.  She thinks it is better than ours, but I didn't see how that can be, after all, Cadburys started in England.  I will do as she says, and conduct a very in-depth survey comparing the two, and then report the results.  Thank you Ms CP for the mags and the choc.


  1. Yup, that's a toughie, I'd probably choose something simple because I think those designs can be stunningly effective (and I like strip piecing!). I love log cabin and rail fence ... yes I'll leave it at those two for now :o)

  2. Yay, you got your goodies. Can't wait to hear what you think of the mags but more importantly the very serious and scientific comparison of the choccy!
    Enjoy :)
    Oh and I still haven't worked out my favourite style of quilt either. Sometimes I hate what I am working on but then magic happens and I love it. Generally I do think simple is the best.
    Take care,
    Ab xx

  3. that this a touch questions.
    I like so many styles, traditional, folk art, 9-patches.
    Good thing we don't really have choose!
    happy weekend.

  4. I have to say GALAXY...miss them!! We can buy Cadbury here but never have seen the huge Galaxy bars of chocolate.

  5. Scrappy is definitely my favorite. I prefer making pieced quilts, but I appreciate pieced and applique.

  6. I am not sure I have a favorite kind of quilt but I do love colorful quilts. I do really like bargello quilts and patterns that create an overall design like medallion quilts.
    I do have favorite fabrics that I like to collect- batiks, florals and jewel toned fabrics. I have also collected a few speciality fabrics ( stars and sunflowers). Recently I have also collected 30's fabrics too.
    Interest question- Happy quilting.

  7. Hmm, waaay too early in the day for difficult questions.

    Log Cabin? Wholecloth? All my quilts are scrappy so can't really choose that - oh heck, I dunno

  8. I'm with Bilbo, way too early for such a difficult question! lol

    I like too many to decide! But I do find the simpler the better :o)

    Good luck on the Choc challenge, I'm a Cadbury's girl every time! Looking forwrd to the results of your science experiment!

  9. I like patterns made with strips and I'm always drawn to triangles too. I like quilts with 50 or more fabrics in them too. It would be hard to zero in on just one most liked.

  10. I'm with you...traditional. I do love your quilt up in the corner. What a beauty!!!

  11. I love traditional pieced scrap quilts, but one of my goals for 2010 is to try doing several quilts utilizing techniques that I've never tried before.

  12. We have Cadbury chocolate here in the US also. I am very curious to hear of the results. ttfn :) Yuki


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