Sunday, 8 November 2009

Here it is......

........ the Go! Cutter photo demonstration.

This is it, closed, sitting waiting to be put into action:

and this is a picture of the shapes I can cut.  I can also cut 2.5" wide strips. There are loads of other dies available, so you could cut anything from a snowflake, to ... oh I don't know.  If you were into applique, which I am not, there are loads of shapes for that too.

This is what it looks like opened up and ready to use.  Notice the little handle on the side?  That's important.

Now here you can see a layer of fabric laid right-side upover the appropriate die.
Then I laid another fabric, right-side down on top of the other fabric, followed by 2 more layers on top of that.
  Now, remember that nifty little handle?  This is where you find out what it's for.  You put a mat on top of the fabric which is on top of the die, and start turning that handle.  The die etc start moving and going under that bar-thingy you can see in the middle, which is where the cutting actually happens.  As it goes through, it is cutting the fabrics for me.Here you can just see the leading edge showing on the far side of the centre bar.

This is what it looks like after coming out the far side of the machine, and having the protective mat removed.  If you look very carefully, you can actually see where the fabric has been cut through.

This is what I am left with when I removed the surplus, edge pieces of the fabric.

Here you can see nice little pairs of triangles.  As I put them, right sides together, all I have to do now is pick up one pair, sew the seam, and voila...........

Half-square triangles.  OK, I didn't sew these together, but you get the idea.
Doing all of this, to produce 8 HST's would take less than 15 seconds, and the accuracy is brilliant.  So, that's it folks, my Go! Cutter.


  1. Yes, I do NEED one of these :o).

  2. That's very impressive, I've seen them before but managed not to be tempted so far . . . but I know better than to say "never".

  3. I've been trying to get my quilt guild to buy one for the philanthropy committee. Very cool!

  4. Righto, me thinks Santa will be getting a list with a GO! Cutter on top!!!!
    Abs xx

  5. WOOOOOOW! I'm a gadget girl too and I need one. Hope Santa's bank account is healthy! I like the idea of a quilt group buying one too - it could be put to good use on our Saturday Sew-Ins.

  6. What sort of shapes does it do, was it very expensive may be it should go on my christmas list lol
    Hugs Janice

  7. QS!!! I love this machine!! You got to start appliqueing as this machine would make that so easy!! So I will be sending in my fabric, you can play with your machine some more and send back my cut up fabric....sounds good to me!! :o) Luck you! Did you buy this machine at a quilt shop or an arts and craft shop? What fun!

  8. Oooh that looks the business. Cutting is definitely the most boring task in quilting.

  9. Yep, I think I like that little toy! I love the trimmed corners on the triangles. That looks so easy! Aren't you tempted to cut up all your fabric?

  10. I used the 1/2 square triangle die for my Stars and Pinwheels quilt and it was SO nice to just pick up the pairs and sew them.

  11. Are you still enjoying this? I had wondered how much waste there is?

    Cutting fabric is a chore to me so I'd been wondering if this would help ease the pain!


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