Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Where are these going and look what I've received...........

.............. I thought I'd just show you why I have been a bit quiet lately.  I've been a bit busy.  These have all gone in the post now, and 2 of them have been received.  One was a quilted advent calender for Little Person, which I forgot (yeah, yeah, I know) to take a photo of.  Another was for my friend over at Copper Patch, who has quickly become a very good friend. The others?  They are to say thank you to some people who have been extremely generous to me recently.

Then, this morning the postman brought me a box, and inside was this little treasure trove.  This was my PIF gift from Trudi at Quilting Prolifically.  There is an absolutely gorgeous table runner in my favourite autumnal colours, a cute little bag which had chocolate in (yippee), another bar of chocolate (oh dear, I think my reputation must be going before me.  What a good job my diabetes test last week came back OK!) and a lovely gift card.

This is what the runner looks like.  I keep moving it around the lounge to decide where it will live eventually, but it does look rather gorgeous on the table doesn't it? 

Thank you so much for your generosity Trudi.

Now, the idea of PIF gifts, are that when you receive one, you "return" it by giving a gift to 3 other people withing 12 months.  Apparently the idea originated from a film called Pay It Forward, which I have not seen, but I loved the idea.  Soooo, who would like to receive a gift from me?  The first 3 people to put their hands up (by making a comment below), will be the ones.  I wonder who it will be?


  1. Hi Sue. I saw the movie-it was good. It's an older one though. I've heard of this PIF in blogs but like you don't really know what it's about. I feel a little strange leaving a comment to get a gift, but I'll be glad to pay it forward too!

  2. Wow looks like I'm in luck - can I be your number two?!! I like the idea of PIF so I'll have to get busy!

  3. Please Miss, can I play, please, please, jumping up and down at the back . . . .

  4. I just mailed off my last PIF this morning and have decided to start doing RAKs....I think that works better for me and that looming feeling I had over my head that I needed to get them done in a timely manner. :-) I've got enough timely manner stuff with deadlines.
    Your gift is lovely. Enjoy!!

  5. Lovely PIF!

    The movie is a good one!

  6. Heeeyyyyy!!! I was at work or asleep or something. Bloomin time difference :)
    The table runner you received is lovely. Well done to Trudi.
    Happy stitching Lovely,
    Ab xx

  7. What a lovely idea, I saw the package you sent to Copper Patch, it was gorgeous and must have been great fun to receive. I'll have to put my thinking cap on, I think a RAK will work best for me. I absolutely love the table runner you've received.

  8. I'm so please it's 'you' Sue, and that it is taking its time to find just the right spot in your home! Did we ever get a decision on the chocolate testing? (What's a RAK?) Enjoy!

  9. I think one of those packages was for me! I received the most wonderful table runner yesterday plus other goodies. What a treat! Thank you, Sue.


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