Saturday, 13 August 2011

Christmas Quiltalong Post 1

It's Christmas Quiltalong day.  Hurrah.  Don't forget to hurry over to Cathi to sign up as she's our host today.

I think it might be a bit quiet as I know that 3 (and maybe 4) of our regulars from the UK are all at the Festival of Quilts today.  I'm not jealous at all!

Still, to get the rest of us in the mood, here's a little music to enjoy.


  1. I'm up, I'm up. Off to make coffee and breakfast for my boys that are home visiting, feed my furry four-legged boys then off to the sewing room. Will see you there soon!

  2. I worked on a Christmas project today (Sunday)! I am so proud of myself. I couldn't do it on Saturday but at least it was in the same weekend!


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