Saturday, 13 August 2011

Christmas Quiltalong Post 2

I know what I'm planning to do today, do you? Don't forget to rush off to Cathi's to sign up and make sure you receive this month's installment of the Scatty Christmas Stars quilt.
First I'm going to work on my Scatty Christmas Stars
Then I think  I'll put the border on my Christmas Wreath quilt 20110612_2
Then I'll add borders to my Friendship Chain and Drunkards Path quiltsFriendship Chains20110215_1
Then I'll do some more stitching on my snowmen blocks.20110709_2
Then I'll collapse in a chair, exhausted!
I will be light on photos for most of today cos Mr Fixit's gone out, and he's taken the camera with him!


  1. I'm almost into panic every time I see the word Christmas - LOL! I know I have to get going with some projects, hopefully I'll start tomorrow! :)Beautiful projects you are soon to finish.

  2. So many things on the block today! Wow-wee!

  3. I'll be working on my blocks, putting them together, then heading out to yard sales and the farmer's market.

  4. I thought I had stuff on the go. Your projects are lovely. I really like your Christmas wreath quilt, very nice

  5. I really do like the Christmas wreath pattern.


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