Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Day Two of Pick Four Blog Hop

Good morning everyone, this is your tour rep speaking.

I hope you slept well, and the flight from the UK was smooth?

Our host for today is Mary, from Quilt Hollow.  Mary lives in North Carolina, and these are a few things I have found out about this state:
  • The Krispy Kreme Doughnut Company started up in N Carolina. 
  • Pepsi was brewed for the first time in this state.
  • The state folk dance is clog dancing.
  • One of the towns, Asheville recently won the title “beer city USA” although the state drink is milk!
The temperature for our day in N Carolina is forecast to be 86F (30C) with a very slight chance of rain, so we can probably leave our cardigans and umbrellas packed in our cases today.

Now for your chance to read what Mary thinks about my book, and to try and win a copy for yourself, just go and visit here, then get ready to travel to our next destination, which is the state of Georgia.

Our itinerary for the whole trip:


  1. Day 2? Uh oh! I missed Hazel, so I'm going over to see her now. You do a splendid job as a tour rep, by the way. :-) Congratulations on having such a beautiful book published!

  2. Morning, Sue!

    Not sure that being the home of Krispy Kremes is particulary edifying, but imagine having an official state dance? I can see that there is a lot I have to learn whilst we are on tour - toot, toot!

  3. Hmm, Krispy Kremes, Pepsi, Beer and Milk with a bit of clog dancing sounds a bit too much for my delicate tummy! Perhaps just a gentle visit to the Quilt Hollow is just what I need :) Nice weather by the way!

  4. Hmmmm....what a discription of the state I live in. LOL Clogging? Who knew?!! Not me! As for Krispy Kreme...we don't have one in the town I'm in so I'm safe from donuts. I should tell you that the town I'm in just passed the liquor law to sell in our county two short years ago! How I miss running up to the Pubs in England with family in tow for a meal out and a drink. Alas...I can now finally in my own town have a drink with dinner. Too funny!

    Hope everybody comes on over to visit today and puts their names in for a copy of your book with a little something to say about YOU!!! It should be fun! I'll be gone for a bit today...see you upon my return.

  5. We are traveling by train, aren't we? I love a good train ride!

  6. I learned about this blog tour from my daily reader feed of Trudi's (above) blog. And seeing the WantoBe Quilter button on the sidebar (I also read SM regularly), I'm guessing I am now learning what one of your interests is -- helping out the newbies get started.

    As an "oldie" though I always look forward to a good quilt book and from what I've seen I'll be joining the tour to see where this takes us.

    Should I pack a lunch for the bus or will we be making stops? Hoping this book will be in my trip goodie bag!

  7. I live in NC and it is a beautiful state. I have actually met Mary too at a couple of quilts shows. Mary is a fabulous quilter and the pattern she made from you book is fabulous.

  8. Sue, do you get Krispy Kreme's over across the pond?? Oh, if you don't be so very glad because they are of the devil himself. Absolutely sinful. But oh so yummy!

  9. Thank heavans for Krispi Kreme!

  10. Very nice. Thanks. Please enter me in contest.


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