Monday, 29 August 2011

Day 6 of Pick Four blog hop

Hello everybody.  I'm sorry we had to get up so early again this but we have a long journey again to get from Barb on the moon to SewCalGal, who lives in Southern California.  At least it should be a bit warmer there than it was on the moon.
I have managed to find out a few things about the area we are visiting today, apart from the fact that it is the home of movies and Disneyland.
  • Southern California is also important to the world of yachting and the San Diego Yacht Club held the America's Cup from 1988 - 1995, during which time it also hosted the America's Cup races three times.
  • The area with the highest population is Orange County which has approximately 1500 people per km² and the lowest populated is Imperial County with just 15 people per km². 
  • Death Valley features the lowest, the hottest and the driest locations in N America. 
  • If California was a country, it would be the 8th largest economy in the world.
Don't forget, there is also a copy of my book to be won while we are visiting SewCalGal, but before we arrive at SewCalGal's, we're stopping for a meal at a restaurant called the Stinking Rose, where they boast that we "season our garlic with food".

Just before we all get off the tour bus can I just remind you of our trip itinerary,


    1. Really Sue..... I can't be doing with these early mornings, please can we stay in bed a little later tomorrow. xxx

    2. I don't know, if you have a hot flash or two, you may wish you were on the moon or want to send someone there!!! HA!!!

    3. It's been fun traveling with these blog hop gals. Darlene is a great blogging friend, and a wonderful hostess to several virtual Quilt shows.

    4. Enjoyed my visit yet glad to be leaving the moon. The lack of gravity was getting to my head! Great blog tour.

    5. Love sunny San Diego! Great blog, great review, great giveaway. Have really enjoyed visiting these sites.

      Have a super great sewing and stitching day.

    6. It`s amazing travelling in these book hop.thnks so much.

    7. Serve me up some of that Garlic Food! They say the best company of garlic breath is to be with others sharing in the same.

    8. The Stinking Rose...Oh my!

      I am loving our trip around and above the world!


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