Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Christmas Quiltalong Survey

I am repeating a post from Saturday, as Cathi and I would really like your help, whether you took part in this year's Christmas Quiltalong or not.
(I know that some people have had trouble with the survey, so if it won't work for you, please would you email me with your replies?  Thanks.) 

Cathi and I have been thinking...
Yes, I know, that's dangerous, and to make matters worse, we're going to ask you to think too.  Please would you take a couple of minutes to fill in this brief survey about the Christmas Quiltalong and 2012? It will only take you a moment or two, and all your answers are anonymous, but it would really help us to see what, if anything, we should do next year.

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  1. I've done the survey - just wanted to congratulate you on your win at madame Samm's (it was you wasn't it??)

  2. I didn't get to sew along with y'all this year, but I certainly wanted to! I hope you do it again next year and I can join in.

  3. I think the sew along was great! I like the little contests and such you did along the way,
    I wouldn't suggest you change too much!
    I hope you do it again next year!
    Take care, Leslie

  4. Am I being totally dense? The link just takes me to the Survey Monkey homepage.

    Anyhow, haven't been able to join in because I've been working like a mad thing on the garden every weekend and just not sewing this summer :{ Doesn't mean I don't love seeing what the rest of you are up to though.


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