Wednesday, 4 November 2009

How to make a .........

....... Disappearing 9-patch block
It really couldn't be simpler.  here is how:
1.     make a 9-patch
2.     cut it in half lengthways and widthways to give 4 smaller blocks
3.     arrange layout to suit!

      This is how I arranged the colours for my red 9-patch:  

      This is what it looked like after I had cut it into quarters.

      I made mine with a limited palette, but it could be totally scrappy, scrappy but with the same colour in the centre of every block, using just 3 colours, etc.
      This is a great block, with loads of potential, so just try it and have fun with it!


      1. Great instructions! Thanks :o)

      2. This is definitely one for our friend "The Nine Patch Queen", also known as Veg Heaven {{{smile}}}

      3. I meant to say, and I don't know if I already did on another post, I thought your layout was great.

      4. Ahh, finally. After 4.5 years I see how that happens!

      5. Thanks QS! Looks fast and easy....the disappearing 9 patch that is....:o)

      6. Thanks for the directions. I love the idea of doing it scrappy with the same color center in all the blocks.

      7. Very cool and simple enough for this little brain! As for your posties....grrrrr they are holding up your surprise.

      8. I don't like a lot of these but this one looks really nice. Probably because I can see a distinct pattern.

      9. Hey that looks great! Love the colors.


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