Sunday 13 October 2013

Christmas QAL , Sunday

... so, what did I finally decide to do you are all wondering?

Nothing has to be my answer.  This has been a totally indecisive and therefore unproductive weekend.  I could not decide what to do and therefore did none of the things I might have done.

I had a very bad night last night, where I slept for an hour, then was up until about 6 am.  I felt sleepy by then, so went back to bed, slept for an hour and then was woken up by a very VERY loud burglar alarm.  It was ours and the noise making bit is on the wall right outside our (open) bedroom window.  We had a power cut, which had tripped the alarm and then we had to wait until it turned itself off after 20 minutes, by which time I was very wide awake again.

This is my excuse for the indecisiveness today, so I have spent a lot of time reading a new quilting magazine, Mr & Mrs Nomad came visiting with the dog, Archie, and now, when I've finished this post it'll be time to go next door and visit my father.

Before I go, I'd like to wish all my Canadian friends a Happy Thanksgiving and I would like to thank Jolly Jo for being our hostess again this month.


  1. Don't like it when I can't sleep, so you have my sympathy. Thinking about Christmas sewing still counts.

  2. I hope you get some sleep tonight.

  3. I think I see a nap in your future today.

  4. After all your fun in California I think you deserve to take some time and just veg as we American's say, Sue! Oh - and personally, I think you should make the surprise with the red fabric!

  5. What a weekend, but glad you had some visitors and that you are taking it easy this week.


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