Saturday 5 October 2013

Yesterday, today and tomorrow ...

... Yesterday was a great day.  We went to San Francisco for the day and did loads of the touristy things that were on my bucket list.

First we drove over the Golden Gate Bridge, then we parked and walked back across it.  It was very windy but very warm and there was no smog, it was unusually clear.  The views were amazing.
You can see how windy it was just from looking at our hair.  The third person in this photo is Gail, Lynn's sister, who has joined us for the weekend.
After a great lunch, where I had a traditional San Francisco meal of clam chowder in a sourdough bread soup bowl, we drove down the wibbley-wobbley road called Lombard Street.  That was quite a white-knuckle ride driving down there, I don't think I've ever seen such a steep, narrow, twisty road before!
Next thing on the agenda was a ride on a cable car.  That too was great fun on the steep hills they have in San Francisco.  I couldn't believe that people really are allowed to ride on the outside of the cars - not something you'd ever find me doing, I'm far too much of a coward, but Gail did as it's something she'd always wanted to do.
Then we visited a chocolate shop, where we could see chocolate being made.  All I can say is that it's a good thing that I couldn't really take chocolate home with me otherwise I could have bought out the shop.  It smelled delicious in there.
By now, it was getting late, and we hadn't eaten for hours and hours and hours (well, at least 3 hours), so walked back through Fishermans Wharf to a great restaurant which was crowded, noisy and served the most delicious fish I have ever eaten. Here we are, like the 3 wise monkeys, waiting for our table.

Today we are having a real all-American day.  We are going to see one of Lynn and Joe's grandsons in a soccer game and then one of their granddaughters in a cheerleading group at a football game and this evening we are having a barbecue, where one of their sons will be making smoked ribs and their daughter is making baked beans, neither of which I have ever eaten before.
Tomorrow, the adventure comes to an end and I have to go home, but, thanks to Lynn and Joe, I will be going home with some wonderful memories of the places I've seen and the things we've done.  I will also be going home feeling that I have left some very special friends in San Francisco.


  1. I can't stand it - you gals are having so much fun!!! I have a feeling you're going to have a hard time getting on the plane to go back home, Sue! Just let me know if you want me to suggest you for the "no fly" list (wink)!

  2. Now when I get your scathingly genious emails I will be able to hear your voice...see your mannerisms...enjoy this last day and those yummy ribs...(my tumbly is sooo jealous) safely knowing you are loved on both sides of the pond!

  3. You've certainly had a wonderful time and the memories will always be special. I'll be thinking of you as you leave for home as I know how hard it is saying good bye. So glad the weather was fine while you were there. Take care and enjoy the rest of your stay.

  4. I can't believe you're coming home so soon - the time has just flown by. Safe flight little one, enjoy the onboard pampering!

    Oh, and you said such a steep, narrow, twisty road.
    Truly, you have never driven over Hardknott Pass then - if you'd like an "interesting" afternoon out I'll go with you next time you're up here (note I said "go with you", I'm not offering to drive it myself ... been there, done that, don't particularly want to do it again!)

  5. Glad your having loads of fun!

  6. WOW!! What a trip...such an adventure!! Sew glad you had such a wonderful fun-packed holiday!

  7. You are having a jam packed holiday, aren't you? I'm glad you're getting lots of pictures. It will be fun to share it all with your family.

  8. So glad you are having a beautiful time. SF is a great city with lots to do. Thanks for sharing all of your adventures.

  9. I absolutely adore SanFran. Sounds like you have had a fabulous trip.

  10. Thank you for sharing your travels! Love hearing about your adventures! I have visited San Francisco, went some of the same place, and loved it! So glad you are having a great time!


  11. Oh what a trip! Everything you did sounded fabulous...especially that chocolate factory! Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  12. did hit some good weather in S.F. It is such a fun town to visit.

  13. Did you get any answers to the Bubba Gump questions about the movie? And how did you like the Smoked ribs and the beans. I'm much more fond of BBQ ribs myself. Well, I'm so glad you had a wonderful time.

  14. it has been years and years since I have been to San Francisco - about 32 years actually and I remember doing some of the same things you did - still remember driving down Lombard Street!!


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