Friday, 13 August 2010

Are you ready ...........

.......... for some fun tomorrow?

I have one or two little surprises as we go through the day, which will require some audience participation.  Of course, you don't have to join in the games, but I'll sulk if you don't.  Oh and I'll keep the prizes, so there.

You'll all be pleased to hear that I have decided what I am going to make, and I don't even need to go shopping first.  Of course, the same may not be said for next month!

Now I'm off to make sure my camera batteries are charged up.

I hope you will all post during the day and I will put one of those clever Mr Linky things on here tomorrow, so anyone who's taking part can put their blog address, and then we can all visit each other during the course of the day to see what everyone's been up to.


  1. Sounds great! Glup, I'm still dreading that table runner though.

  2. Hopefully I can join the linky thing :-) x x x

  3. It does sound like fun, but I feel as if I'm going to have to do my homework tonight in order to be ready tomorrow:) I was going through magazines last night and think I found what I want. So that's a good start.

  4. Ok, I'll go did it all out so I'm ready to start in the morning :)

  5. Please can you make this the First Annual Christmas Quilt-a-long ... in order than I can take part in the second?

    I have a feeling my day is going to involve chainsaws and other horticultural delights, and no sewing :{

    I hope you all have a wonderful day and I will check in online whenever I can.

  6. I HAVE to do just a little GSing before I start quilting but I have my fabric all ready to roll...see you then!! Can't wait!


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